Should I take OChem Lab before MCAT?

I'm trying to work out my schedule so I can figure out how long I'll be spending in college…please forgive me if this is an idiotic question!
I know I need to have both semesters of OChem for the MCAT, but I'm not sure about the lab that goes with Sem 2. Would it help me to have it before the MCAT or can I leave it till later? I'm having issues with the number of credits it would leave me with in that semester-I'd have to get special permission from the dean to take it and I don't want to go through that if I don't have to!
Thanks for your help-any info would be appreciated!

I think that it would help to have the ochem lab before the MCAT but if it just seems impossible it will not be the kiss of death. I take the MCAT in April but from looking and reading over some of the material tested regarding organic, some was material that was emphasized during the lab portions at my school (NMR comes to mind).

for me, the labs really drove home some of the processes and testing methods - and reinforced the lecture topics- more in 2nd sem than 1st sem too - 1st was more 'learn this technique' and 2nd was 'using the techniques you know - perform this experiment/extraction/synthesis'
so - I think it could be helpful, but is not 100% necessary.
for things like spectroscopy with the sharp and broad peaks - we learned that WELL in lab - but what you need to know about it for MCAT is pretty simple - what it does, where the C=O peak is, what the C-OH looks like, etc - if you get that in lecture, you'll be fine. same with NMR & shielding, downfield/upfield etc.
so - it would be useful to reinforce the concepts, but not necessary. I would think you could even be taking it in the spring of MCAT (concurrent) and get benefit from it.
so if you have OCHEM II in fall, and OCHEM II Lab the next spring with MCAT in April, you'd be fine.
is that the kind of schedule you'd be thinking about?