Should I withdraw my AMCAS Application?

Hello folks,

Maybe someone could shed some light on my current situation. I have applied for both MD and DO schools and I am fortunate enough to have 3 interview invites (DO) so far. However, my AMCAS application has not been even verified yet because one of my transcripts was lost 3 times, which resulted in a a month and half delay. As a result, my primary AMCAS application was submitted on 7/15 and I don’t even know when it’s going to be verified (it’s been a month and the AMCAS status still says “Ready for Review”).

I have a borderline stats for MD schools (good GPA, 30 MCAT, average extracurricular and clinicals, etc.) and I am doubting if I should even pursue MD schools at this point. I was hoping my AMCAS application would be verified in the next couple of week but my application will be very late by then and the cost of secondary application will hurt me financially.

Shoud I withdraw my AMCAS application prior to verification? I already spent >$700 and I might be able to get some refund from AMCAS.

Any advice/insight would be much appreciated.

I would not. An interview does not guarantee an acceptance. you want to cast as wide a net as possible. Rather than withdraw, maybe reduce the number of schools on the application.

At this point, I don’t think I’d withdraw. As Gabe mentioned, I might be more selective with which allopathic secondaries to complete (i.e. - ones you are most interested in or think you are reasonably competitive for). 3 interview invites is not a lot - the more you have, the greater than chances of acceptance.

FWIW, I took the August MCAT and didn’t apply until I had my scores (which at the time was almost two months later). My applications were not complete until November. I got invites at all of the schools I applied to, and got accepted to all of the schools. They were all MD schools.

A late application reduces your chances, but it doesn’t make it impossible. You’ve already invested significant $$$ in AMCAS, you might as well see it out.

I seriously doubt you will ever get a refund from AMCAS.

During this year’s OPM conference it was discussed that older students, who have a legitimate shot at MD programs, are “self selecting” out of applying to them.

In your place I would stay in, and submit secondaries at any school that met my personal requirements (city I’m willing to live in, curriculum style I can handle, etc) and go for it.

Don’t withdraw unless submitting secondaries will cause you to live on the streets.

Don’t drop your application!

I’ve heard of a student that applied to the state school here a week before the deadline and got in (not an urban myth, an actual friend of a collegue.) As I remind myself when I get the ‘oh I’ll never get in there’ rut : there is a 100% chance of rejection from schools I don’t apply to. You went to all the work to apply and get everything done and there is still a chance you can be accepted.

Agree 100% with the others. Keep your hat in the ring. Better to have multiple acceptances to choose from than none. :slight_smile: best of luck!

In the same vein, I have seen someone who made only one waiting list and was called two days before classes to be given an acceptance. I had to help her move to Philly in a day

Hello everyone,

I’d appreciate you taking the time to reply and give your thoughts. In the mean time, I got a couple of more interview invites (DO) and my AMCAS application was verified earlier this week. I have 17 new secondaries to finish but I will keep moving on until I finalize my acceptance. Thanks again.

Keep it in. I thought my stats wouldn’t be competitive for MD schools, but applied anyway and I am in the first day of intreviews at my state MD school.

You never know what these schools are looking for when you submit your application so don’t sell yourself short.

I went to an interview workshop yesterday and one of the MS-1’s on the student panel (a non-trad) said she submitted her AMCAS super late (Oct or Nov) and she still got into an MD program. While early is definitely advantageous, it is possible to get in after applying late. Also keep in mind that many students are still waiting for their MCAT scores from Aug testing dates. Quickly turn around your secondaries and you still have a chance.