Should I write the disadvantaged statement if my mom is a physician but I am URM?

I think some people might have already formed their opinions based on the title. My parents are both highly highly educated (doctor and engineer) and have a high income level but I would like to provide more social context:

For one, my parents are divorced, so my two brothers and I really only saw one parent’s income (~150K). My sister is also autistic, and a lot of my mom’s income went to finding specialists for her. I grew up in a really polluted and medically underserved US zip code, which was in part so that my mom could be closer to the community there and practice as a family medicine doctor. The education system was so poor that I really excelled in classes through elementary and middle school, but when I went to a suburban high school, I struggled because I didn’t have a basic math or science foundation. I was also diagnosed with vitiligo when I was younger, and was bullied a lot for it throughout elementary, middle and high school and had to overcome this as well.

When I got to college, because I am Mexican, I was also subjected to outright racist speech by white faculty. It really lowered my confidence in medicine/research, even with my mom in medicine.

Let me know if I should mark it. I don’t want to be ungrateful or naive. If I should mark it, what aspects should I focus on and how should I frame it?

I’m just going to leave this here How to Write the Disadvantaged Essay for AMCAS | Medical School Application - YouTube and let you decide.