Sick and Tired of Being Powerless

After spending yesterday huddled in my apartment with my cat, I decided to brave the trip in to work today. It was an inclement weather holiday, but work has electricity, internet connections, phone lines - not to mention hot showers! Of course, I’d have been at work today no matter what.
By the way, I’m one of those 1.x million powerless peeps in the Carolinas. While roughing it yesterday was fun - the news that it may be Wednesday before I get electricity is very disheartening. My cat and I, huddled under a couple of down comforters, were toasty warm last night, but with my apartment getting down to 49 degrees, we didn’t venture far from the bed.
Boredom set in around 2 p.m. yesterday, so I started calling every person on my phone list. Lucky for me and AT&T, I still have phone service. All that money I’ve saved by not heating my apartment, I’ve blown on long distance calls. The really, truly sucky part is - all the food in my freezer is melting and all the food in my cabinets is freezing. I figure I’ll move my hotpockets to the cabinet and see what happens.
Also, my poor cat usually gets a warm treat in the evening, but has had to settle for cold tuna juice. I’ve lived through long power outages before, but never alone. This time I’m finally a grown up and not mooching off my parents while I wait in the dark. My sister lives in Charlotte, but what good is that when she has to go hang out at the mall to keep warm?
In my nearly 48 hours of powerlessness, I’ve discovered a few things. Like if I run water that hasn’t been heated - it’s cold. I’ve also learned that no matter how often I flip a light switch when I enter a room - the light won’t turn on without electricity. Curiously, when the apartment is 49 degrees, the toilet seat is breathtakingly cold.
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll discover many more secrets to living without power. If it gets any colder at my place tonight - tomorrow, my cat and I will be brown bagging it at the Y. My cat will hate me for sentencing her to the cat carrier, but she won’t end up a cat-cicle. Nothing worse than having to scrape frozen cat off the carpet. Okay, really, I’m done for now. If I don’t freeze to death, I’ll talk with y’all later.
Go on - share your survival stories - I might get some ideas!
– Rachel

Really sorry you’re “one in a million” ! Brrrr-r-r…
I have no long stories of braving extended power outages…however, when I was in Rochester (aka Rottenchester), NY for grad school, it once snowed 28.5 inches in 24 hours. I lived on a one block, one-way street between two major avenues going into downtown, so the snow removal guys probably figured we’d all just push our cars to these main streets and then drive! It took 'em a full week to pay any attention to my street…when they finally got to my block, there was no place to put any snow, so a huge bucket loader and 2 construction sized dump trucks were brought in. Fill 'em up, haul the snow to the river and dump!
Part way through that week, I REALLY needed groceries…went to the grocery store on my cross country skies and bought only what I could carry in my backpack. It was, in a way, a terrific week…most places were closed, neighbors got together more, I caught up on some reading and writing and playing (board games with my housemate, flying games with my pet doves, etc.). Okay, cabin fever also entered into it, no doubt! tongue.gif

None of the above does anything to keep you and your cat warm…you can get to work daily to shower and get warm? Can you bring your cat?! If it’s cold enough, you might be able to put food from the freezer outside on a fire escape (or what have you), so long as the temp is consistently below freezing. Food wise, spicy foods feel hotter than mild foods, even when they’re cold. Bathroom wise, you can learn the “camper’s squat” and not have to touch the seat from Siberia! Takes a little practice, but think of the stories you’ll have! biggrin.gif There’s also those little “hot pack” thingies which you can put in socks, mittens, or hey under your clothes…or strapped to your cat. ohmy.gif
Okay…I’m running out of material and my brain’s tired. Hope this helps a little. If not, PM all of us for our phone numbers and take good care.

Based on the thread title, I was expecting some story about female empowerment over a domineering male. THAT would’ve been a good read…
(but your story is good, too, Duck tongue.gif )

Hi Folks,
Being without power sounds so awful. Up here in Charlottesville, we got about four inches of fine powder snow, then sleet and followed by more powder. I was up at 0200h making sure that I could creep along Route 29 the six miles that I have to travel to the hospital. I really hated to leave my warm bed with two beagles curled up in little fur balls. They were having no parts of me leaving them without a major source of body heat. They promptly shifted so that they could snuggle up to my fiance.
Outside the weather was a balmy 13 degrees F. I swept the snow from my little red Mazda 323 (vintage 1990) (my other car is a Porshe Turbo Carerra) and droved fairly well into the dark and icy town. I was relieved to pull into the parking garage at the hospital. Most of my patients canceled their appointments but one hardy soul drove in from West Virginia in the snow. He arrived in the garage at 0300h and slept in his car until his appointment. He underwent an Aortagram which showed that he had an 8-cm abdominal aortic aneurysm. Since he has Stage III colon cancer, we elected to repair the aneurysm from a retroperitoneal approach. He did well and moved out of the TCV-ICU after 24 hours. His main concern this morning was how he would get to the smoking deck for a “butt” and a cup of coffee. He’s a very small gentleman with numerous prison tatoos. He has been a real character. rolleyes.gif
The snow made everything look beautiful and white. I would not have enjoyed it as much if I hadn’t been taking it in from the prospect of the 8th floor sunroom. The snow covered mountains were just beautiful.

ph34r.gif Wow! You guys are giving me the shivers!
I feel absolutely silly complaining about the 50 degree weather here in central Florida.
My kids have never seen snow so we're planning a trip up north within the next 2 years.
Loved your post, Duck!
We've only get trapped inside down here when a major hurricane blows through. Only serious outage (4 days in 95 degree weather) we encountered though was in 96 while living in Pensacola. Thank God, our kids were visiting with grandparents (or biological parent) in other areas of the state so they didn't have to suffer with us.
I don't mean this as a contest, but I'd much rather cuddle up under down comforters to retain warmth in 13 degree weather than to endure 100 degree weather with no ac - ('Don't touch me! You're too hot!')
As for going outside in 13 degree OR 100 degree weather...
Going to a job interview and experiencing the biting cold on my face and static electricity from my sweater
sticky clothes, limp hair & the stink of my b.o. because my deodorant couldn't handle the heat at a job interview? Hmmm....
Hope your power comes on soon! I sure feel for everyone who is enduring temperatures freezing and below. It's hard to get my kids out of bed in the morning when it's cold. We're just not used to it!
In the meantime, we'll still be singing the holiday songs: "Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus" and 'Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow'.... tongue.gif

Call off the National Guard - Duke Power has restored electricity to my complex.
In my haste to mindlessly channel flip, it never occurred to me to check on friends and co-workers. It wasn’t until a co-worker called that my huge, self-absorbed - but brilliantly lit and toasty warm - bubble burst. My co-worker asked how I was doing to which I casually responded, “Watching the Army-Navy game.” Her response: “Oh my God, you have power again? Why didn’t you call me? I’m still freezing over here.”
I did offer to get her some hot, fresh coffee and pick up supplies for her. However, by the time I showered, made coffee and ate, she already had power. Hmm, I might need to dust off that little used altruistic gene.
Life is quickly returning to normal here. My cat, no longer in need of my body heat, is back to ignoring me. I have tons of laundry to wash. Groceries to buy. Also, now that the lights are on, I realize my candle carrying technique is deficient - I have wax drippings everywhere! I would clean, but I have days of spam to delete, email to check, and posts to read.
In support of utility workers working round the clock to restore power, I’ll leave a light on in the window tonight!
– Rachel
Hey GED2MD - Sorry I don’t have a “Burning Bed” kinda story for you. I think it may be in syndication on Lifetime though.

QUOTE (Duck @ Dec 8 2002, 07:30 AM)
Hey GED2MD - Sorry I don't have a "Burning Bed" kinda story for you. I think it may be in syndication on Lifetime though.

That's the story I'm thinking of! Farrah Fawcett bags her abusive old man...then becomes a high powered orthopedic surgeon (OPM version).
I love it!

Just a little humorous sidetrack to this thread…
I recall hearing a few years back that after a nasty storm somewhere in New England that left most snowbound and powerless for almost a week, the birth rate doubled nine months later. Guess people had to keep warm somehow laugh.gif

You should've called me!!! (or emailed me or somehow contacted me)
We got power back on Friday of last week. My in laws only lost theirs for a few hours. You are always welcome…and I'm sure our cats would've had an interesting conversation.
You never realize how much you are spoiled until things are taken away from you. Electricity is one of those things.
Our house got down to about 40 degrees…but we have gas fireplaces and so we all huddled upstairs…kids slept on the floor and we slept in the bed…with MANY blankets…all doors shut etc…it was comfortable…but outside of that room…it was freeeeeezing… so we escaped to my mother in law's house… the power came on a few hours later…I had friends in the same town, but a few miles away who didn't get power till 2 days later…and then still friends who live in Durham/Chapel Hill who didn't get power until Monday.
NEXT TIME (and there will be a next time) PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me…I welcome houseguests (that goes for any OPMer that might be in the area as well).
in NC