Signs your employment may be in jeapordy

The company I work for, like many others these days, is laying IT people off and restructuring. So, I thought I’d compile my experiences over the last two weeks into a list of…
You know your employment may be in jeapordy when…
1. They bring in a new ‘interim’ CIO who talks of ‘refocusing on core business initiatives’ and ‘delayering’.
2. Said CIO makes up and uses the word ‘re-rightsizing’. blink.gif
3. You get a call from someone in HR who basically asks ‘what is it you do again’?
4. All IT personnel are emailed a link to an online form to be filled out by noon Monday… detailing their job experience and technical skills. unsure.gif
5. The standard delivery to the loading dock includes a new item this week… pallets full of boxes and tape.
6. The IT Org Chart is no longer available on the intranet.
7. ‘Capital Projects’ related work stops.
I’d post more… but I have to call the help desk right now. For some reason my security badge no longer works and I can’t get in the server room.

OMG these are all painfully familiar… my husband recently joined the ranks of the employed once again after a four-month “vacation” that just about drove him nuts. We were fortunate that he got a good severance package and he is happy to be working, but he’s not exactly in IT any more and he is making 50% of his previous salary (ouch). Several times in recent weeks he has asked me, “So how much will you be making when you’re in residency?” and he doesn’t seem very comforted by the answer. tongue.gif
Doesn’t help that our various retirement portfolios are totally in the toilet …

Yikes. I've heard/seen almost all of these in the last six months.
Re-rightsizing is a commonly used word around here. Uh-oh.

Double-yikes. My department is being cut, or I should say the number of employees in my department is being cut. We have no idea how many. But we'll know within two weeks. Ouchy-ouch.