Silver? What about ExamKrackers?

I've read a lot on here about Silver and Flowers but it gets panned on Amazon and it looks of very poor quality. I'm reading Kaplan now and pretty happy with it. But now I have to decide whether to do the Kaplan review or go with Krackers.
ExamKrackers has the boxed set of 5 books which look very good and the 12 Audio CDs. Total is $350 at Amazon, $30 less at discount sites. This seems far better quality than Silver and a lot less expensive than $1250 for Kaplan.
Any thoughts for a fellow geezer? Class starts on 11th so it's decision time.

I have no personal experiences with any of the three you mentioned…so you ask, “why in the #### are you replying to me?” Well…let me tell you…one of our members, I believe JennM, has had extensive contact and used the ExamKrackers…and speaks highly of it. Also, a couple members have the same warm & fuzzy feelings about Flowers & Silver’s prep…and the same can be said for group owing homage to Kaplan’s course – me, personally, I endorse Princeton Review. The way I figure it, if course-x allowed you to achieve your goal(s), then they earned a favorable review.
Essentially, having prepped for the MCAT, COMLEX Step 1, USMLE Step 1 and just about to start work on both Step 2 exams…I have gleaned many pearls of wisdom in test preparation:
#1) Pick a methog/style that is congruent with how you learn and how you WILL study – DO NOT PICK based upon what is chic or what your friends/study mates are doing simply because they like something.
#2) EARLY in the process, pick 1 or 2…NO MORE, prep systems and focus your efforts. DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of hearing recommendations by Tom, Dick & Harry and going out an purchasing their recommendations. You will merely spend a load of $$$$ and only do a half-assed job or preparing by chasing your tale through multiple prep systems.
More does not necessarily equate to better!!

I used EK books, EK CD’s and AAMC practice tests.
The books are organized to give you a chapter per major concept (e.g. waves) - with 2 or 3 subtopics - a quiz after each subtopic, and a 30 min chapter exam. The quizzes are MCAT format single questions (about 5Q), the chapter exams are 23Q in usually 3 passages, or 2 passage + non-passage questions- just like MCAT, and the 30 min/23Q is the correct “pace” for the MCAT.
I thought the materials from EK were great - very High Yield without a lot of stuff you don’t need, and with all the stuff you do need.
I took the MCAT this past time (Apr 20) - I’ll know in June how I did - but in the AAMC IV, V & VI practice tests, I was tracking very well with these materials.
if you are in New York City area - EK also has on-ground classes.

Sorry – the member I was referring to was LisaS and not JennM…brain fart alert@@@