Single mom, 40, going to med school after son goes to college

HI All

I am very happy to be here!

Recently decided to make the plunge and really make going to medical school a reality.

A little bit of background about me: I am divorced single mom, 40, my son is a Jr in HS and will be graduating and going to college next year. I have a solid science background - BS in Bio and two MS - one in Biomedical Engineering and another one which was given as a terminal MS when I dropped out of grad school (PhD) three years ago. This last one was in Physiology/Biophysics but my research was in brain cancer. I am currently a validation engineer for a medical device company. Although I have solid lab research experience, I lack clinical experience and currently trying to find a shadowing opportunity and also prepare for the MCAT. It’s been a while since I’ve touched Orgo and will have to brush up on other topics as well.

I do not have any of the sociology/psychology curricula that I guess now it is required in the MCAT.

It may sound like I got most of the basics covered, but from the stories I see here just a solid science background is not enough.

I would like to get feedback on thoughts as to what gaps I may be having in my background and as an non-traditional applicant -

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

thanks! :smiley:

It sounds like you know what you need to do to best position yourself. You may consider taking the undergrad classes for soc/psych depending on the schools you want to apply to (not all actually require you take the courses). I would bet you already know most of the soc/psych stuff from the bigger perspective just from living life and would just have to learn the lingo and the nuances of the different theories.

You might also consider doing an MCAT prep course as a good refresher for the stuff you haven’t thought about in awhile. They’re more consolidated and targeted towards the stuff you’re most likely to see on the test. Keep in mind the MCAT and medical boards in general are getting away from the “what is this; rote memorize answer” to more critical thinking and knowledge application. Some of the test prep try to teach you how to think like the test writers.

You’re never too old! Good luck Mir, you can do it.

This is so encouraging! Congratulation, wish you the best.

Hello Mir,

It was encouraging to read you post today. I am in my 40s and I have a previous career as Pharmacist. Currently I am preparing my applications and MCAT study as well. Although I dont have any advice at this juncture for you, I do wish you the best! I think you are on the path to realizing you goals. You have solid diverse background that proves you have balance and can handle the rigors of medical school. Please keep us updated on your progress.

Nothing to add, except you sound like such a badarse. With what you described, I totally imagine you as the STEM Olivia Pope. “It’s handled.”

@NarcissticBalogna wrote:

Nothing to add, except you sound like such a badarse. With what you described, I totally imagine you as the STEM Olivia Pope. “It’s handled.”

thanks for the kind words!