Single Mom looking for affordable family friendly schools

Hi everyone,

I am a 39 yr. old mom of 2 girls. Can anyone give me some ideas of schools that are affordable and family friendly. I will be leaving my support system behind and my daughters are only 13 and 7. My undergrad GPA sucks, but the negative ascpects are over 20 yrs old. My graduate GPA in Environmental and Chemical science is over a 3.0. I plan to start applying next Fall.

Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated!



My school - Lincoln Memorial University De Busk College of Osteopathic Medicine - is really family friendly - I cannot even count how many people in my class have children. From the second year I heard that hey let U even bring ur child to school for lecture sometimes. Personally I saw children in our OPP class. What is really nice is that U do not have to attend lectures at all ( well 99% , if there is guest lecture or deans our , u should ). All lecture are recorded and U can access it from home. So U have to go to lab - anatomy first semester and OPP and EPC all 4 semesters but they are once a week, 1.5 hour. Additionally , this area here is very cheap to rent - on average about 400 - 700 $ for 2 bedroom apartment. If U do ur homework U can even find a house for 600 $ but usually they are between 800 and 1000 $ .

I am not sure how about school for Ur children because my daughter is only 18 months. The atmosphere is really nice here and I am really happy. Even despite that it is really hard and we have to study and study, but many teachers are the best teachers we could ask for, not all though. If U need any more info , let me know.

I know that VCOM is family friendly. I spoke to the admin director and she told me how some students for whatever reason had to bring their kids to class and it wasn’t a problem. I spoke to a few of the students and they said the same. However to help the student not be distracted the admin staff would help babysit. My wife spoke to another student’s wife and she also expressed how the school is like an extended family. We’re very excited to apply. For what it’s worth we have no kids but have delusions of adopting while in school.

So I know that osteopathic schools, SOME, are very family friendly. VCOM is and I believe WVCOM is as well but WV is NOT affordable. I can also tell you that PCOM is not family friendly nor affordable…that’s what I’ve been told.

Congrats and blessings as you move forward!

Thank you soooo much! That sounds perfect. The rent is the same as what we pay here. Would you guys giving me the web address and/or phone number? Do you know the names of anyone I could speak with. My girls are 13 and 7. My name is Cathy. Its really great to meet you.

Also do you know of how I could go about speaking with other students, admissions personnel, etc. Again, thank you so much! The forum is not showing me which post I am answering, so I apologize if it appears confusing.

I attended the open house at LMU-DCOM this past weekend and was incredibly impressed. However, they did NOT mention that lectures are recorded and could be accessed from home. That is incredible! I live 1 1/2 hours away and the fact that they offer that really sways me to being a commuting student vs. relocating the family.

this is general web address:

U should probably talk to admission - there are few ladies , do not know their names.

regarding students - well I am one of them lol. I know there are few on the student doctor forum under osteopathic and school specific.

I forgot to mention that tuition in our school is also on the lower end when compared to other schools ( i think only Lecom was cheaper.)

One of the second year student has a 3-4 yeasrs old and she is here alone because her husband works in other state , so she drives her daughter to Middleseborough childcare place. She can manage really well ( she had really good grades last year) - so it can be done. There is also a couple wife is second year and husband is first year and they have teenage daughter who goes to high school.

If I see him I can ask him some questions - only problem he does not attend too many classes.

Just let me know what do U need to know.

oh we also have a fb page - i think every class in every school has a page - some might be private but this could be good point too. I will send U later some fb page for parents - so u can speak to spouses from my school - I just have to ask my wife what are they called.

hey Silverknight ,

I have many classmates from Knoxville - they travel too, up to an hour i think. some of them stay at home and use media but some of them come to school everyday because they prefer to attend the lecture.

Did U attend pizza night before the interview? or were U only at the open house? well, before interview we have a pizza night when first year or second year students meet with prospective students and U can ask whatever questions U have. It is very informal and very helpful in my opinion.

No, I drove up that AM (mostly to see how long the drive would be). I have heard about the pizza night before but I did get a chance to talk to the student who took my group around while we ate the provided lunch (another nice touch). Her name was Anne and was a non-trad as well as having a 4 yo. She was very helpful.

I am a first year at VCOM now and I am the parent of a young child. I’d be happy to give you my impressions of my school from a parent’s perspective.