single parent, need encouragement

Hi everyone! I am a single mother trying to go to medical school. I am currently taking my pre-reqs and have lately become discouraged about the time I will be spending away from my child. I very desperately want to be a doctor but am feeling very guilty. I have been considering PA school. Wondering if there was anyone else who is in a similar situation??? What are your thoughts?



I think you should shadow a PA or two and see what you think. I was in the same dilemma but I am choosing Osteopathic Medicine over PA. Some reasons include wanting full autonomy, wanting to learn OMT, oh ya and the application is a lot friendlier on your gpa. Honestly, I cannot be a competitive enough applicant for PA (very low gpa before retakes). During school they will both be extremely time consuming. As a PA you could be out in 2.5 years working 36 hours instead of 80 hours a week during a residency. Financially choosing MD/DO over PA = 1.5 yrs extra med school and expenses ($75k) + 1.5 yrs working as PA lost ($150k) + $50k less/yr during residency times three ($150k) + deferred interest on all that.


I am having the same thought. How old is your child? Mine is 7, and the idea of trying to raise her while simultaneously completing a residency terrifies me. I just started college this year, though, so I might be able to stretch it a bit.


It sounds as if by the time you are actually in residency your child should be in high school. At this point, he or she will likely be very busy with their own life and not require as much time from you. If medicine is your dream, I believe you can do it. Just make sure to enjoy those moments with your child along the way!