Single parents?

Hi all,
This site has been a godsend of information, emotional support and even humor. I have been reading posts and following as much as humanly possible, but don’t seem to recall the single parent issue. Are there any out there? I have been a single parent for 15 years (obviously they are teenagers now) and realize that we (single parents) have “special issues”. Yes, they still live at home (except for the one that just ran away-a deliberate emotional slap in the face). I am chief cook, bottle washer, taxi, cook, breadwinner, bill payer…well you get the idea, but I guess my question is…am I the only insane one out there? I am blessed with the fact that I am an RN and have a great deal of job flexibility. Shifts are not always available per diem so we struggle financially. Life is a huge balance of when and if the grass gets mowed, dishes done, groceries shopped for (a daily event cuz those teens can eat!), emotional/social time with kids…and oh yeah, homework to keep up with the young whippersnappers that live on campus and have zero responsibility. This is not a search for accolades, nor a whiner thing, I guess I just want to know that I am not alone.

Hi Carol,
I’m not a single parent, or a parent at all in this case. I do browse the MomMD website occasionally and have seen several pre-med posters that are single moms and even a thread or two on being a single mom. You could check it out in case you haven’t already.

Thanks Megboo…funny thing is I had heard of and browsed the site before, but apparently being a little overwhelmed has taken its toll. I am now registered and the site is listed in my computer “favorites”. Thanks for the boost.

One of my good friends in med school was single-parenting two teenagers. It was HARD. She had a tough balancing act - they were too young to leave home alone overnight, for example, so when she had call nights as a third and fourth year med student she had all sorts of things to go through to make sure they were cared for. It was tough when she had no “backup” for the inevitable sick days or crises. BUT - she did it, graduated on time, and is an M.D.!
Med school is tough for the single parent because you won’t be able to have a job outside of school - but as an RN, you WOULD be able to pick up some per diem shifts and keep your head above water. My friend chose to go Nat’l Health Service Corps, which meant her tuition was paid for and she got a stipend. HOWEVER, that sort of support comes with some scary strings attached, namely you must go to and complete a primary care residency or you have to pay back the NHSC money at a premium rate (not the usual low student loan rate). Many people aren’t willing to commit to a specialty in advance and the NHSC money is scary for that reason.
Anyway, it can be done, it ain’t easy, but good luck to you!

No problem! It’s a great resource that I’ll hopefully use more someday

I am one. First year med student and single mom to a seven year old girl. I take it one day at a time. Planning is key… like with the snow… my daugter is now off monday and yet I expect to take 3 exams tomorrow. I start calling her classmates mom’s. Having a support network locally has made it possible so far. Savings also help. And, occaisionally I bring my daughter with me. My free time belongs to her. Family helps too.
OK… enough. I have to get back to work before I eat those words about survival. ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Being a single mom and getting into… and THROUGH med school that way absolutely amazes me. I have nothing to bitch about compared to that, because I have a wife and two kids who are 100% behind me on my getting into med school. Even though it’s hard to be the sole provider and pull off the hours, I at least have a really solid support network when I get home, made up of my family who expects nothing more from me once I am home other than to crack open the books and do whatever necessary to make sure I get into med school.
Kudos to both of you pulling this off as single moms. I am totally amazed at it.