SJB- LCME accreditation loss

San Juan Bautista in Puerto Rico lost its LCME accreditation. So its students can no longer pass the licensing exam or compete for residency spots. Now I don’t care too much about this school, but one of my target school UT San Antonio has been put on probation.

This is very concerning and a reminder that sometimes, an acceptance is not always enough. Schools must be checked thoroughly from all angles. I doubt that UT san antonio will lose its accreditation, but I will make sure to keep an eye on it.

I read that about SJB a few months ago and was stunned. Their 4th year students are SCREWED! Now, they can’t even sit for the exams, let alone become doctors.

I learned about it because one of my friend was a first year there. He had started last summer and had no choice but to withdraw. In a way he is among the lucky ones. Better lose 1 semester than 4 years.

I would have never thought something like that could happen.

UT San Antonio has also been on my list. Seems like the 10 violations would be manageable to fix.

Depends on what the 10 violations are.

How many did SJB have?


I would be very surprised if UT San Antonio were to lose their accreditation. The issues are quite minor (too much lecture and other things). Still, this has me concerned nonetheless. I will sure keep an eye on this.