sketchy past

Hello blog. First off I would like to introduce my self. I am 26 years old Active duty Army (68wm6) or Liscensed Practicle Nurse. My question is regarding some sketchy past I had when I was 18 and 19yrs old. I was going through a difficult time and during that time was cited for 6 class B misdermeanor offenses. 5 Minor in possesion of alchohols ,dont ask how it amazes me. I cant even remember half of them, and one disordely conduct. my academic past in that time frame is equally bad, It seems like another life ago. At the age of 22, Knowing my life was going virtually no where I enlisted in the Army. After 15 months in iraq and a whole lot of self reflecting over the last 7-8 years I know what i want and it is in arms reach away. Or is it? My attempt at pre-Med back wehn I was 18 was just a rediculous Skeem to make me feel like I was accomplishing something. So I have began to start over Takeing all the college classes over. Starting with a community college, then in about two years transfer to a four year university, Finish of my Med school science pre-reqs and hopefully apply in 2015. Which would make it over ten years since I was AND I WILL JUST SAY IT “A PUNK”; For lack of a better word. My question to this blog is do I have a chance, considering of course I graduate with superb acceptable grades. And obtain a competable MCAT score? Or is my past too horrific to over come? I have already tried to get my record expunged. But N.D. has no expungment law for misdermeanors. I would have to attempt at a governors pardon which is slim to none chance of recieving. So i think im stuck with the record. I mean Im guilty why shouldnt I be. But will a medical board even consider me, will I even beable to get a liscensed. No problem with Recieving my EMT liscense or my LPN liscense. Considering there not exactly comparable. There only Class b misdermeanors But 6! WOW! Please help i need some Info. About to give up on this dream. Starting to seem like an impossible accomplishment.

A couple of questions:

  1. If you were convicted of underage drinking, why is that a concern on your adult record? If you were underage, I would think the conviction evaporates on your 18th birthday.

  2. Misdemeanors aren’t felonies. Heck, a traffic ticket is a misdemeanor. Do medical schools even look at misdemeanors? Your best bet is to get in touch with your nearest medical school admissions board and ask them if your situation is problematic.

    As for the grades, my firm impression is that such things can be covered or otherwise dealt with, as long as you do well going forward and get a decent MCAT score.
  • spoxjox Said:
...2. Misdemeanors aren't felonies. Heck, a traffic ticket is a misdemeanor. Do medical schools even look at misdemeanors?...

Can't speak to the other stuff but a traffic ticket is actually a petty misdemeanor. A gross misdemeanor borders a felony and is a misdemeanor with one or more aggravating circumstances. A misdemeanor naturally lies between the two!

Yes, schools do look at misdemeanors and you may be questioned about your background during your interviews. With all the access to narcotics and analgesics in a hospital, an applicant with a track record of alcohol/drug abuse or other consistent run-ins with the police is too big a liability for the schools.

When applying via AMCAS you also consent to a background check so think twice when you decide to cover-up your past.

Your best bet is to be able to prove to the adcom that you have turned a new leaf.