Skipped Chem 101

I skipped Chem 101 and went right to Chem 102 as an undergrad. Anyone know what the general rule is for dealing with this? Do I need to take an advanced inorganic class? I know people will say to ask individual schools but I’m wondering if anyone else had this issue and has some insight. I hate inorganic!

I need to know more. Did you receive bypass credit for the course you skipped? Do you have two hours of lab credits? Is Chem 101 an intro course, or the first half of a two-semester chem for science majors series?
ON my campus, 101 is an intro course and not suitable as a prereq. The sequence is 102, 104 for chemistry for science majors. If this is true for you, then inorganic chem may be the next step for you.

I agree with Dennise. More info is needed to answer your question.
first of all, you need a year of chemistry, so it would mean that you should take another semester. and other thing is that in my schools 100 level chemistry is not for science major. to satisfy the pre-med requist you have to take 200 level classes.
check you catalog for this information.