Slight detour . . .

So - I guess I will need to change my signature in the near future from “Class of 2009” to “Class of 2010”. No, I’m not repeating a year. After much thought and conversation with many people, I decided to do a MPH in Clinical Investigation this coming year instead of starting Med 3. Overall, this should make life a little easier over the next year with the little one. Grad school won’t be nearly as tough hour-wise as Med 3, plus this allows me to start Med 3 on time in July next year (I was going to do delayed entry this year and try and make those months up during 4th year).

It’s a great program and I’m really looking forward to it. (Not looking forward to writing papers again, but oh well). Now, I have to figure out what I want to research and find a mentor.

I may have to go AWOL from here for awhile - in addition to starting my MPH coursework this summer, I need to finish up my Med 2 independent study coursework and prepare to take Step 1 in August. Still much work to be done . . . .


Sounds good to me! Congratulations! I was considering going for a MPH as well so please try to keep us informed on how it’s going.

I will, Yolanda. Many medical schools offer dual degree programs such as MD/MPH (and the MPH can be in various areas), MD/MBA, MD/JD, MD/MHA (master of health administration), etc. At my school, people typically apply for the programs during either their first or second year. Most people choose to do them between their second and third year of medical school, although there are other options.

The MPH in Clinical Investigation is an interesting program. It is sponsored by the NIH with the goal of bridging the gap between clinical and bench research. I look forward to posting more about it as I get started in the program.

Ooh, the MPH in Clinical Investigation sounds quite interesting. Is there somewhere you’d recommend I find more info about that and similar programs?

Sounds like you’ve got a great plan for a great program - congrats!

Adam -

You can find out a little bit more about the program here .

I need to decide on a mentor and exactly what I want to do research on now - in between all of the other stuff I have going on this summer!