SLP aspiring to be MD/DO

I am a practicing Speech Language Pathologist working on finishing up the final pre-req’s to apply to med school! I have my BS (Overall GPA 3.561 no real trend all A’s and B’s) and MS (Oerall GPA 3.688 again, no real trend all A’s and B’s) in communication sciences and disorders. When calculating my science GPA is this STRICTLY biology, chemistry, etc classes or can I include the Communication Sciences (CSD) courses? For example; I took an anatomy/physiology course that was strictly related to the speech and hearing mechanisms. I also took a neurophysiology course at the Master’s level. There are several other science based courses that I took, but they do not have your typical “BIO or CHEM” title. How do these calculate into my science GPA if at all?

Also, any other PT/OT/SLP’s turned MD/DO? I would love to connect with you and your journey!


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I think that the class that had high biology or physiology content could be considered biology. AAMC uses courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math (BCPM) as being sciences, so others (e.g. like Geology) would be considered other, I think. So, the anatomy/physiology for speech pathology would count as biology. Ditto for the neurophysiology.

You may also want to post this question to SDN. There’s much more traffic there than here nowadays.

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I have the same curiosity, but I’ve been working from the AMCAS course classification guide. My interpretation of it is that generally applicable science is BCPM. They specify hearing & speech studies as health sciences, which doesn’t count. So, the neuroanatomy class I took cross-listed at the med school is one I’m counting, but not speech and hearing science. For pre-counseling, I am listing Anatomy & Physiology of the Source & Hearing Mechanism as the only other COSI science course I’m listing since we got into a lot of neuro and anatomy and physiology that go beyond speech, but I’m hoping to get direct feedback from an admissions officer about whether or not that’s right, which is why I’m attempting it in pre-counseling. I hope that helped.

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It will vary school by school depending on if they believe those courses are considered science.

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Hey Satori - what is SDN that you suggested I post this question to?

SDN is, probably the most comprehensive site for aspiring doctors of all sorts and persuasions.