Snow Blowers things with sharp moving parts!

Hi folks,
If you have been watching the weather channel, you might realize that the “Lake-Effect” snow season is upon us here in Cleveland. Forty-eight hours ago, we got from 9-24 inches of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. (One of my friends said it was punishiment for the November election results but the Cleveland Browns season took care of that ) In the intervening time, I have taken no less than 15 people to the operating room to finish the amputation of fingers (most popularly the long and ring finger tips) of folks (all men) who have attempted to clear the blades of their snow blowers by using their hands.
Folks! Placing your fingers or hands (or head) into anything with sharp and rapidly moving blades is a very bad idea! In one case from last night, the results were devastating with the loss of the greater portion of the dominant hand.
Now, I have all of the hand cases that I need for graduation from surgery residency in one night! This is just tragic and devastating. Other hospitals reported similiar circumstances but not to the degree that we experienced. A couple of the television stations ran public service news stories. Losing one’s fingers or hands is not a great way to go into 2005!
Constantly amazed at the reserve and grit of the people of Cleveland!

Yes…Clevelanders are a “special” bunch!!!