So I talked to couple admissions people...

I had posted this earlier:

"So here’s my conundrum…

I’m trying to decide whether I should spend a year going to a post-bacc program or just focus my attention on doing well on the MCAT.

My “credentials” are as follows:

UGPA: 2.94 (science) 3.11 (overall) – biology and classics double major

Grad GPA: 3.7 – PhD immunology (Emory Univ/Dr. Rafi Ahmed)

GRE: i forget the exact score… but i did ok – verbal: ~650; quant: ~750

MCAT: i have not taken it yet

** two first author papers in respectable journal and 3 non-first author papers **

thanks for any advice/suggestions "

thanks to a few here, i followed their suggestion and contacted couple med school admissions people. the general consensus is that i need to kick ass on the MCAT (>30+), but a few did say that if I could help increase my UGPA, it definitely would make me a better candidate.

so my question is, how helpful are these post-bacc /special masters program in prepping you for the MCAT? i know a lot of people take them to improve their UGPA, but do they also help you prep for the MCAT? i know programs like drexel MSP does, but do most programs also help?


I’m not sure what information would be novel for you, with a clinical bio-related doctorate, but I think the upper level coursework I took helped me on the MCAT.

I did not do a formal post-bacc. Instead, I took the courses I needed at the local university. I also took some interesting stuff that probably helped but may not have been necessary: Genetics, Anatomy & Physiology, Neurobiology, etc.

If you wanted to take upper level stuff to both raise your science GPA and get MCAT prep, I might recommend A&P, Genetics, Developmental Bio, Microbio, Cell/Molec Bio, etc.

Ah, just go do stuff you’ll have fun with . Some of the topics may be relevant to the MCAT and give you a little leg up, but the big thing the MCAT tests you on is your critical thinking skill.