So intimidated

Dear forum members

This is my first post, I am so intimidated and feel already discouraged. I spoke with a few people, and they already burst my bubble and told me it was an insane dream. It is the world of the young, the pretty, the skinny and the aggressive. The rest of us, I think are expected to just admit our misfortune, and live by our wrong choices and regret them for eternity.

What I have:

An expert level background and 3 degrees in computer science. 10 years of corporate work experience

A prestigious high school education focused on advanced science. Organic chemistry is still fun. Always loved biology, physics and chemistry. Reading astrophysics papers and magazines in the toilet. Science problems are a piece of cake. I took basic science courses in my undergrads as well, but it was over 10 years ago.

What I know:

I was always meant to be a doctor. I will become an emergency service physician. I know it, I don’t doubt it. I didn’t have the courage to admit it before. I know I will be a phenomenal ER physician. Everything I know about myself tells me that.

What I lack:

A support system. I don’t have family. I’ve always been on my on.

No money at all. Minimal savings. Still paying school debt.

I don’t know where to start. I feel like suffocating.

I am 35, I live in Boston. Does anyone know of an accelerated medical program around here?

When do you think I can start medschool earliest?

Do I have to go to a pre-med school?

If so, can I start this February you think?

Can I study for MCAT myself? Please help. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Sigh. There has to be a way to achieve one’s dreams.



Okay so here goes:

1. You will need to take the pre-reqs first, get as many A’s as possible, NO C’s


Biology w/lab - 1 full year

Chemistry w/lab - 1 full year

Physics w/lab - 1 full year

Biochemistry - 1 semester

Psychology - 1 semester

Sociology - 1 semester

That is a full 2 years, at a minimum.

Not only will medical schools mostly require those but also, the new MCAT tests the knowledge contained in those courses.

2. Take the MCAT when done with the above.

The MCAT is NOT plug-chug it is that PLUS being able to pull the information you need, assimilate that information and knowledge with other discrete information and tidbits buried in passages, and then finding the right answer.

IT is a beast but no unconquerable.

YES, take a class to master it AFTER you’ve taken the pre-reqs.

3. How soon could you apply to medical school?

Well, let’s say you start pre-reqs in summer:

Summer 1: Gen chem 1

Summer 2: Gen chem 2

Fall 2015: biology 1

Fall 2015: physics 1

Winter 2016: biology 2

Winter 2016: physics 2

Summer 1: psychology

Summer 2: sociology

Fall 2016: biochem

MCAT 2017

Apply June 1, 2017

Interview Fall 2017

Matriculate August 2018

The common theme is this:

Getting into and through medical school is a marathon, not a sprint.

Welcome on the crazy train - and crazy it is!

Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up even before you’ve started. You seem pretty sure you’re going into EM, and you asked where to start. Perhaps the easiest way to start is to being volunteering at an ER. Not only will that get you the clinical volunteer hours you will need come application time, hopefully it will also put you in a position to have opportunities to speak with some of the ER doctors. Finally, want to ask if you have a foreign bachelor’s degree? If so, take at least the pre-reqs mentioned in ADoc’s post above. You’re in Boston and people generally report good things about Harvard Extension. I’m sure there’s other options too.

Oh, and I forgot Ochem - you will want that as well … check into schools that are of interest when you get to that point.

Some do NOT require ochem 2 as biochem is the emphasis now.

Take it slow.

I would:

-Start saving money.

-Start getting clinical experience.

-Look at UG transcript and see what is missing/calculate GPA.

-Start off with one course and see how it goes.

Just take is step by step and plan well. I did about the same thing with a similar background and you just have be methodical about it all.

How long it would take depends on your undergrad transcripts and other facts. I’d say probably 3-4 years without knowing details.