So it begins...sorta

I have just registered for my Spring classes!!! Taking Bio1, Chem2, Intro to Physics, and a Study habits class. Wife and I are pretty jazzed.

This means that Physics 1&2 will be over the summer which leaves:

Fall 2013

Orgo1 & Bio

Spring 2014

Orgo1 & MCAT prep starting April of that year.

Fall 2014

Postbacc begins

Fall 2015

Med school!!!

We are really excited to finally be on our way after all these years!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Things like this give me hope!

Almost looks like my schedule (and same time frame) except flip the physics for chem Doing a DIY Master’s program.

Wish you all the best!!!


Best of luck. I remember when I started my first pre-req (Chem 1) It feels like yesterday…

Time flies. Enjoy the ride.

Congrats on pulling the trigger, Croooz… it will be fun to watch you take this part of your journey!! So excited for you and your family!

Thanks All!! My wife and I are pretty excited still! Spoke to my mentor and received tons of encouragement. Definitely not the timeline I would have wished but it is what it is. There’s no changing the past so spending time imagining what would have been is a waste. Just posting to myself.

You go, Crooz! It’s an exciting time. Just enjoy the ride all the way.