So my kid is going to be flying.....

This big ol’ mother of an airplane - please note he’ll be landing it ON A BOAT… hope the attachment works. He’ll be an E2-C2 Hawkeye pilot for the U.S. Navy after another YEAR of training in Texas. The good news is that his final training will take place at Oceana (thanks to the BRAC for not closing it) which is only a few hours away. Right now he’s home for a little R&R, which means he’s actually off visiting friends, but I am going to get to see him for several days in a row next week which will be so great! Very happy here.

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Hey there,
Congratulations Mother of Fly Boy! You know that he is living his dream and thanks to having an excellent mother and father, he is going to be doing a great job of “landing on that boat”. I can actually feel the excitement. I will bet he is having the time of his life and much more fun than chopping out the hemorrhoids that I will be doing next week.

CONGRATS! You and hubby (name escapes me for the moment - forgive me, as I am post-call) have much to be proud of!!