So what do you do if you messed up in college?

The more and more I read up on here and at SDN… I’m more and more baffled.

So here’s my conundrum. I’m graduating with a PhD and now I’d like to do a MD in the hopes of doing more clinical work down the line.

Anyway, here’s my credential:

UGPA: 2.94 (science) 3.11 (overall) – biology and classics double major

Grad GPA: 3.7 – PhD immunology (Emory Univ/Dr. Rafi Ahmed)

GRE: i forget the exact score… but i did ok – verbal: ~650; quant: ~750

MCAT: not taken yet

** two first author papers in respectable journal and 3 non-first author papers **

so the obvious is to study/take the MCAT and kick butt (>30+)

my other concern is my science UGPA. i thought these special masters program might be an option, but i realized that the grades you get in these classes are for grad GPA. i thought about doing a formal post-bacc, but because i have taken all the pre-reqs… i’m not eligible for this either.

so anyone with any advice on what my options really are at this point?


I think you have a good chance if you have also done



Do you have Patient contact hours?

You need a well rounded App, I think grade wise you are in the Ball park.

(I really do not like SDN a lot myself)

i’ve shadowed doctors as an undergrad, but that was a bit ago. i have been volunteering though. i’m thinking that when i take a year off and study for the MCAT, i’ll work more on my ECs too.

back to my UGPA, i ended up getting a C- in physics 2. is that something i should re-take or just focus on doing well on the physical science section of the MCAT?

if you are really weak retake but if you can do ok on the MCAT without retake I think you are fine.

Retake= both grades averaged but if you can get a A then it should = a B a good trade off with small boost in GPA too