So, Yeah... @ 47

Can I say, “EFF YA!” and do a happy dance?!?!?!?

I think, for all my whining/worrying/tears/fr ustration/sadness/hopeles sness/fear/uncertainty/do ubt that I have had over the past two months (that whole lack-of-a-job thing when I thought it was settled before school started)…

I think I just nailed my biochem midterm!!!

Think, might be operative here, as the last time I thought I nailed a test, I got a B+ and felt crummy.

So, hit me up; ask me your Gluco, Gluconeo, Fructo-Gluco, etc questions…

OMGosh, I wish I felt like this after every exam!

We all need happy dance days! Congrats on learning the material!

WOOT! Enjoy the feeling, real or not.

OOOOOH, yes, you can definitely happy dance!

Way to go! I’m so proud of you!

Congrats! I have a biochem exam on the same material (all that lovely carbohydrate stuff, plus lipids) on Friday … and I’m shaking in my boots. It’s good to hear from someone who is on the other side of that exam. And YES, you can most definitely do a happy dance!

Nope. Didn’t nail it.

I’m above the mean but not a solid A.

WTH. WHY??? oh well.