SoCal Clinical Social Worker to MD

Hi everyone,

I love this forum! I am a 36 yo. Clinical Social Worker in Southern California with a BA in English Lit. (2.8 cGPA) and MS in Social Welfare (3.0 cGPA). I am adamant about changing my trajectory to medicine, and would appreciate any guidance from this wonderful forum.

Most of my SW experience has been in healthcare/hospital settings (inpatient medical and psych) working with individuals from all walks of life and all populations (mainly 5150- danger to self). Ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, acute mental illness and behavioral diagnoses, substance abuse, suicidal, homeless, etc. During my undergrad I worked full-time as a pharmacy tech, and also have experience working in a child abuse organization as well as a brief graduate internship at the United Nations.

I am looking into starting med school prerequisites, and would like to know if anyone can offer my some guidance as to whether it is best for me to take some of my prerequisite at a community college and some as a visiting student at a 4 year uni, or should I pursue a post baccalaureate program?

Also, for those who may have already started medical school, after briefly learning about my background, what do you think are my chances of getting accepted into a med school? Thank you.