SoCal residents here?

Any Southern Cali residents on here who can give insight into which FP programs in SoCal are worthwhile? I am looking for programs with top-knotch surgical OB, and it does not have to be in Cali. That is just my preference because I would love to live there for the weather!

Hello. I’m not a SoCal resident but we have a member (CaliMD) who was either in FP or IM; I forget which, but she wanted to get into occupational medicine and has hopefully succeeded in this task. She was well past residency and a practicing physician, but she hasn’t posted lately. If she sees this, she may be able to help you out. Check MomMD also as she sometimes frequents those boards too.
Sorry I can’t help you myself. Good luck with your search.

The best and most prestigous one in SoCal is the UCLA/Santa Monica FP program. It is very competitive. I believe all SoCal FP programs are finding it more difficult to get OB experience for their residents; OB cases have dropped in general, and in order to get OB/Gyn residents enough experiences, they have started cutting out nurse midwives adn FP residents; however, you should contact the program to find out the details as many of them have worked to remedy the situation. USC FP has had to find alterante sites for their residents, but I believe they were successful, so that might be a place.
Glendale Adventist used to have a strong FP/OB relationship (their program was especially strong in surgical deliveries), but their OB/Gyn program closed due to credentialling problems. Perhaps they have shifted the load more to FP residents since they no longer have ob/gyn residents?

just wanted to say “welcome back!” to goodcat; it is nice to “hear your voice” again on the boards. I know people appreciate hearing your perspective.