Soliciting med schools

Hi all…quick question. Has anyone gotten any solicitations from med schools inviting them to apply? I have gotten about 4 or 5, and the first two I wound up adding them to my AMCAS list, since I figured I may have a better chance, since they had some info on me. But the native NYer cynic in me is thinking these are just last minute gimmicks by schools to rake in more app fees $$
Is it worth adding a school to your list if they send you something out of nowhere inviting you to apply? Thanks

Were you just an August MCATer?
I got a whole round of that junk after the April scores came out - “Congrats on your MCAT, blah, blah, open house wkend,blah…”.
I say add’em if you see a program that you didn’t really research before and are now interested in, but I don’t think these really have any impact on admissions (unless they are handwritten in violet ink w/ perfume??). Sorry, I can’t help my bad humor.
Anyway, If they are the generic sort, treat them like fun x-mas catalogs to browse…
If they are individuals, Rock on and go get 'em!!