Somebody just shoot me...

I can’t kick myself hard enough…I missed an A in Ochem I by 1 point!!!

1 point!!! Aaaaarrrggghhh…an A- for just one point!!!

A- is a good grade too! And this ‘-’ is not going to make a change! Enjoy 'A-'s when you can!

I started to reply earlier and something ate it:

An A- is a good grade. A GOOD grade. It’s an A!

And then I added, “Be sure to remind me of this when I pick up my pharm exam tomorrow.”

So actually it was ready today, and I just picked it up. A High Pass is a GOOD grade. A GOOD grade. I do not have to honor things. I have never honored a “big” (non-fluff) class in med school, but hey, at least I came close this time!

Yep I had the thread in the wrong forum so I had it deleted. I remember your post.

I’m sorry I’m ignorant about med school classes, but I take it a HIGH pass is a GOOD grade.

I’m with you. I just got an 89 in Gen Chem II when 90 would have been an A. One little point… Too bad there’s no curve for single mom’s with sob stories! I’m beginning a proper post-bacc in the fall and am scared, because I feel there’s no room for B’s if I want to get into med school. I feel like I’m running a marathon…on my knees. Sounds trite, but I’m glad that I’m not in this alone. This forum is a wonderful support—free therapy, hand-holding, and practical advice all in one. Wish I could go to the conference (sigh)

Our Ochem class had no curve either - what you got was your grade and I worked my rear end off to get an A. Instead I ended up with an 89.7% and 1 point from the cutoff!

Oh well, by gones. That was just one battle, the war is still not won.

Moving on…

Yep, a high pass is basically a B. Perfectly nice grade for med school and I’ve never gotten an Honors (aka “A”) for a “big” class. And now I won’t, because after this it’s all rotations. But that is just fine. One of my best friends in med school last year repeated first year, so it could be a LOT worse. Perspective is good.