someone please

Just shoot me. put me out of my misery and just shoot me. It is the only humane thing to do at this time.

With a line like that, you got some ‘splanin’ to do…

Sick? Overwhelmed? School woes? Family woes?

There are so many reasons to feel the need to be shot, how can we assuage your concerns without the juicy details?

Well, Where should I start.

I did not get a grade back because I bombed the practical. However, since the video did not work properly I have to retake the exam. Yes, I know this is a good thing to be able to do better, but after 11 exams in 30 days I was hoping for an easy start to spring break.

When I got home and within 20 minutes, I was bombarded by my wife who asked me to heat up dinner, check my eldest daughter’s homework, and…I still had to print my notes to review for tomorrow’s final.

Then I had to do my Father duties as the diciplinarian to the 5 year old who decided to be nasty to her mother this morning because she did not get her candy. All while having to have the 8 year old go back and fix her homework (current events mind you) so i had to take a glance at the article she chose.

The cigarette is in my mouth.



I’ve got your back, man. You can do it!

Is it sad that I laughed a little? Not at you mind you, just a laugh in empathy knowing full well the days you speak of. However, I tend to be the wife that deals with the kids before dad gets home so I get that too…there was one day I said the infamous “wait till your father gets home” though.

I soooo feel your pain. You can do it. Take some time out to meditate. I found if I can just shut down for even 10 minutes of solitude and hear my mantra (a Hindi word for “Peace”) I can regroup.

I didn’t believe it would work initially but my chem prof made me try the meditation thing once. Sadly there are days I don’t get the 10 minutes and so um…maybe try for 5?

It’s almost over. We are in the semester home stretch. Good luck on your finals!

Give up the cigarette, Gabe. You know it won’t help!

You also probably know that you have felt this kind of pressure before. . . and yoou have gotten through it. And you will again this time!

Good luck! Things will look better tomorrow.


You have been so generous in your help and information to myself and I am willing to be so many others here as well. Please know that we all got your back, and anytime you want to vent and spout off…Were all here! Things will look brighter sooner, rather than later my friend! And don’t shoot the cigarette…

I smiled, because I often have those days. you’re not alone Gabe. Don’t pull the trigger jsut yet.