Something I should have asked months ago...

… but then, I’ve never been too shy to ask, even when it makes me look foolish.

In the secondary process, schools generally ask to be notified (in writing) if I’d like to withdraw myself from consideration. They’ll also automatically do so if their deadline comes and they don’t have all of my information.

In the latter case, have I been inconsiderate to not notify them anwyay? I figured that since I was already “off the books,” there wasn’t much point in spending time mailing them about something they already knew. I wonder if they’d like to be officially notified anyway, though.

Thanks .

I sent most of the schools a brief email explaining that I had accepted an offer. Most of them wrote back thanking me for the update, and I believe it is helpful to them (probably breath a sigh of relief–one less application to deal with).

There were a couple of schools that actually never contacted me, e.g. NYCOM which tells its applicants not to bother it…ever. So I didn’t.

I am sure it would be nice of you if you sent them notification that you weren’t interested anymore in their school but if they have already said you missed xyz deadline, I don’t think they really care if you follow-up with them aka they won’t reconsider your application and thats the important thing.

It never hurts to be polite, even if you’ve missed the deadline. A quick one or two sentence email will do the job. And yes, they will be thrilled to “get you off their books” as they all have way too many applicants.