Sometimes SDN members frustrate me

Maybe its just me, but i felt i needed to vent to the many people here who are much more mature than the numerous young inexperienced individuals on SDN
After being an RN in critical care for 10 years i really get frustrated when the SND internists or 3rd 4th years pretend to tell me how things work in hospital with their highly limited and sheltered experience in large teaching facilities.
Is it just me? Has anyone esle run into these sortof things?
Vent here!

Well, this goes both ways IMHO. We (med students) can also get frustrated with know it alls…sometimes there are RN’s that think that they know more than an MD for example, yes I have experienced this and it is quite frustrating.

Yes good point.
However, i dont mean about medical interventions. Mostly I run into frustrations with people who are trying to tell me how things are in the hospital who have been sheltered by a teaching hospital environment. 70% of hositals arent teaching hospitals and are VERY different.
You also have to recognize the fact that an RN working in an ER or ICU for 10+ years probably has a better clue about whats going on with a patient than a med student with no real medical backround. It simply related to experience and exposure. Find the ones who are on top of things and they can help your time there immensely.
Anywho, ill be seeing it from both sides soon enough

The most frustrating thing for me about SDN are the 18-21 year olds that claim to know exactly how the world works, why one political party is better than the other, and why they know the most about all types of medicine/allied health. Remember how self-absorbed we were when we were young ? LOL!
on the flip side, they are pretty knowledgeable about the pre-med process.

said cheerfully while propping my feet up on a chair, tossing back a cold beer
Mike I totally agree with ya. OTOH I gotta point out that your perception of, and response to the SDN folks is exactly why I found your repeated assertions about DO schools being holistic and MD schools being numbers-oriented so damn annoying. Your own experience in regard to those conversations was pretty limited but it didn’t stop you from making pretty darn global generalizations.
Again I’m saying this quite cheerfully and with benefit of some nice calming brew. Just had to kid ya’ a bit on it though!

Hey Mary

Sorry if you took my posts in a negative way. I have only worked in the USA for 4 years all of my others being in Canada. DO’s dont exist there. Maybe because i see them with “new eyes” is why i percieve a difference. In anycase, I have had alot of contact with both and I thought i made it clear in most of my posts that I think ANY doctor could be holistic regardless of letters.

What i have said is different, and i will stand by that, is that DO schools tend to be more interested in non-trads. They place more weight on the application than the MCAT or GPA (hence the reason why AACOMS replaces repeated class marks with new ones as opposed to figuring it all into your GPA). I only say this as not only is it right on the AACOMS website, but of the 15 schools i have talked to (MD & DO) I got responses that follow that line of thinking.

In anycase, percieved differences will be “different” for us all. Both are equally skilled physicians. Sorry it it offended but as someone who works with both in an ICU/ER setting i feel oddly more qualified to comment on the subject than the average SDN member; who wouldnt recognize an EKG machine if it was right in front of them, let alone comment on hospital dynamics.

It is cool that yer teasin me, i just dont want you to get the wrong impression of what I think is all.

EDIT Looking back at my posts I didnt suggest anything that was negative toward MD’s at all. In fact i clearly said that holistic care had nothing to do with the letters behing your name. Are you confusing me with someone else?

Anywho, good times.