Specific Question on AACOMAS Experience Entry

I was in a premed organization and completed several different single-day volunteer events. I was also in my school’s Air Force ROTC program and volunteered for several single-day events through that organization as well. When reporting my experiences, should I report each volunteer experience separately so that I can discuss it or should I make one entry for one organization and list all volunteer experiences under the single entry? I have at least six different volunteer experiences for each so it would be hard to list them all together and discuss each as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I personally would split the events up as each one is different however I would be hesitant to put a bunch of single day events unless they were significant. Now if you had a leadership position within ROTC, I would make that a separate entry and talk about all of the experiences you had leading. But I dont think it would look great if you put like 5 single day experiences if they’re kinda lame lol.

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Thank you! I had the same thoughts as you so I wanted to ask. Few other questions…

  1. How are we supposed to enter the hours for each (up until what date)?
  2. Should I enter shadowing experiences together or separate?
  3. Do I report both of my MCAT scores or just the most recent/better score?
  4. Is there a more detailed handbook for the application? I am using the links attached to each section but find that it is not detailed in comparison to the TMDSAS Application Handbook.
  1. So what I’ve gathered is that you can project the hours in the future. So let’s say you are doing some clinical experience and you’ll be doing it up until you leave for med school, you could project and say you’ll be finishing in July 2021 (if applying this cycle). But try super hard to not over project that amount of hours

  2. Also from what I gathered, shadowing experiences should be all lumped together. You can break up the dates if there was a length of time between each shadowing experience but if you did shadowing where there was only a few months difference but it was pretty consistent, you can combine the dates. But you shouldn’t input each time you shadow a different doc as a different experience. Now I know you’re asking about AACOMAS where they have unlimited experiences but AMCAS limits it to 15.

  3. I dont have a lot of experience with AACOMAS, but on AMCAS, you report all MCAT scores similar to how you report all grades.

  4. Once again, AMCAS has more intricate guidelines but I dont know much about AACOMAS guidelines and the differences. I would reccomend maybe looking for some youtube videos regarding the AACOMAS application.

I’m sorry I couldnt be of more help with AACOMAS specific questions!