Speech pathology--what is considered clinical experience?

I am a practicing speech pathologist currently taking premed classes (among other things) to prepare for applying to med school in the future. I am curious which of my experiences might be seen by ADCOMS as “clinical experience/hours.” I have done several thousand hours of therapy and assessments with children/teens in a school-based setting. All of those hours of therapy and assessment time were billed to Medicaid. I also have well over a thousand hours of patient contact hours doing speech pathology work (particularly related to treatment of cognitive deficits as well as treating swallowing disorders) and psychiatric technician work at inpatient skilled nursing facilities and at a local inpatient psych hospital. Both of these experiences seem much less ambiguous in terms of being “clinical experience,” so I’m not exactly concerned about having enough significant clinical experience. I am specifically wondering, however, if ADCOMS are likely to consider speech therapy/assessments in a school setting “clinical experience/hours.”

Thanks in advance to anyone who shares ideas about this.

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Definitely all clinical!! Answered on OPM304 releasing 5/4!