Spinning my Wheels....

I’m kinda miffed at my situation. I earned a AAS in Electronics Technology from Thomas Edison State College (TESC), while I was on active duty, and was told by my "military friendly " local community college that they will not accept any of my General Education work to count as prerequisites at their school. In essence this means the English Comp, Math, Humanities, Social Science, and Science classes I took to earn my degree are worthless (well at least to this school) … TESC is a regionally accredited college and one of the more military friendly schools around.

I don’t know if I want to take another year or so to complete course work I’ve already done and did well in just because of some stupid policy, as told to me by an advisor “We don’t take credits from that school” and when I asked why I got no answer, I just got a snide reply “because we’re not that generous”. But they sure as hell want my GI Bill money.

When I spoke to staff at TESC, they told me that since they are a regionally accredited their credits are transferable and since my community college is a member of the Service-member Opportunity College Consortium the credits should transfer.

Sorry for venting… Does anyone have any suggestion on how I should approach my situation, I don’t feel like I should be penalized for taking courses that weren’t earned through my states community college system.

speak to the school you want to transfer to. Students like to think they know everything.

Any school will be happy to answer your questions. And then you will know the real answer.

“We don’t take credits from Thomas Edison State College” - Admissions Advisor .

I’m a veteran and a former undergraduate admissions counselor who’s somewhat familiar with Thomas Edison.

Where did you take those courses in question or what tests did you take to earns those credits at Thomas Edison? Initially, it sounds like your community college is questioning your credit sources (test and/or courses) while you are saying that since Thomas Edison awarded credit from these credit sources your community college should do the same. It’s really the source of credit that matters.

Thanks for the clarification, that’s the same word I got from the records and registration office today, after 4 months of waiting; they called and asked me for a course description for my math course.

In retrospect it’s not a show stopper if they do or don’t accept certain credits… It’s just another obstacle I’ll have overcome.

Hi JBow,

So I poked around a little bit to see if I could help you out at all. This is what I’ve seen so far:

1: The Bad - TESC is actually a nationally - not regionally - accredited institution (through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools: http://www.tesc.edu/aboutus/507.php ). Since your profile says you’re in Seattle, I took a look at one of the Seattle network community colleges there (NSCC). I’m not sure which CC you’re going to attend, but for NSCC, their policy states:

“Transcripts from schools which are not regionally accredited, but are accredited by national agencies, may be reviewed and considered for credit.”

http://www.northseattle.edu/enroll/credentials/op t…

Note that it says may be reviewed and considered for credit. It sucks, but each college/institution sets its own guidelines as to what credits it will/will not accept and which institutions they do/do not recognize. The TESC counselor was speaking in half-truths when she said the credits “should transfer because we’re accredited.” There’s a large difference between “having a possibility of transferring” and “will definitively transfer.” Use the criteria from the school you want to attend as a guideline.

2: The Good - Your admissions counselor was flat out rude. However, he/she is not the final say. The NSCC website says that credit may be awarded based on a formal review. Submit your credits anyway (worst they can do is say ‘no’), but make sure you attach a copy of all relevant course descriptions from TESC. I transferred schools a lot too when I was on active duty, and I found that it made the credit evaluation counselor’s job a LOT easier if he/she had a full description to work with. Your school’s website should have information pertaining to how to submit military and work experience for credit, as well.

In any case, I hope this gets you started in the right direction. Let us know how everything goes.


Actually, Thomas Edison is regionally-accredited. Middles States is one of seven regional accreditation agencies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regional_accredi tatio…

My mistake…thanks for the catch ihop.

Thanks for the info… I’ll find out Thursday if my math credit will be accepted.