Spousal excitement...the only kind that matters.

So I went to the DO “recruitment fair” we had in DC a few weeks back. That was ok in that I got to speak to quite a bit of admin directors and current med students. It seemed very catered to really…really young people, to the point that it almost seemed better for high school and first year college students who had no clue what med school was about much less DO school. The great thing and what I would advise anyone is to go to these events and then go to the open houses for schools in your area. The reason? Some schools start a file on you and the fact that you spoke to them at the fair and then went to visit the school adds credence to the fact that you are interested in the school. The admin director said that all things being equal they will choose the person who showed interest versus the one that did not.

My wife and I drove to VCOM this past weekend for their Open House and it was awesome! She’s been hearing talk for the past 10 years off and on about med school but actually visiting that fictional place made it real for her…and me. We’re both really jazzed about the process now. I have orgo and physics to knock out and then I’m applying to their postbacc program. It’s more like a SMP because you have to have the med school prereqs to apply to VCOM’s postbacc. Lord willing I earn a 3.5 GPA and gain acceptance to their med school. That way I won’t have to bother applying anywhere else and that would be awesome.

So anyways for those whose spouse needs a dose of excitement I would highly recommend attending an open house. I wasn’t applying to med school until 2014 but this was a great motivator. Plus the postbacc will take a little bit of the bite out of first year med school and if my grades are good during that first year I could then also try for the PhD they offer via VA Tech.

So if you live close to the schools go to the fairs and the open houses. Close is relative because we drove 280 miles but it was worth the trip.

My wife went on some interviews with me and she also took a tour of DMU a few weeks ago. It has definately helped her understand my insanity and get her more excited about the process. The more you can include your spouse in the process the more on board they become. I will say at this point she may be more excited for me to stat DMU in August than I am…lol

I agree that visiting med schools is good and I am convinced the visiting I did, did me some good in the application process. For spousal enthusiasm, and because I am a one-trick pony, I also recommend the annual conference, coming up in June in Orlando. There are other spouses there and I think meeting people who have done this, are doing it, and are getting ready to do it really makes you feel like less of a crazy dreamer.

I went to the one in 2007 in Chicago with my wife. She won’t be able to attend this year and I’ll be taking Physics. So I don’t think I’ll attend. However next year we will both be there.

The OPM Conference was great however actually going to the school, touring the facilities, hearing about the curriculm, meeting some of the students,and meeting the admin director had a huge impact on my wife. It wasn’t an abstract idea out there somewhere that I would be applying to medical school, we were actually at the place. She looked around the town, campus, and just got a feel for the place and the people. It was definitely a tremendous boost for her which recharged my enthusiasm.

So OPM conference to have people you can point to and say “See! There are other lunatics out there. We’re not in this by ourselves!” Then go visit an Open House to see where all the lunatics are trying to go.

One of the things that really helped bring me back to reality is that med students are young! To me I was like “these are just kids!” My wife on the other hand was thinking differently and explained YET AGAIN that I am not to have private study sessions with any of those PYT’s especially now that I’m “losing weight and getting all buff again!” I’m older than some of the professors and the last thing on my mind is becoming an adulterer.