Spring '08 MCAT Prep and Pre-reqs

Hello All,

I would really appreciate advice on this. In Spring of '09 I will be taking Org Chem II w/ lab and Physics II w/ lab. Would it be OK to also take a Princeton Review course for the MCAT during this time?

I’d like to take the MCAT by July and all the preps start sometime during Spring Semester.

Thanks Again!!!

Hey Mel,

I think your plan might work, especially if you’re a full time student and don’t have too many other commitments outside of ‘studying’.

I took MCAT preparation course from February through April and took MCAT in April, while taking PHYS II + 1 other science class and two non-science classes. It worked out for me.

If you balance your time and make sure you have everything under control, it’s doable. Since you’re thinking about taking MCAT in July, you’ll still have some time to study for MCAT only after you’re done with your spring semester.


I agree with madkasia. As long as you’re not doing anything else terribly time consuming that semester, you should be ok.

Make sure that you get your AMCAS submitted early so that you’ll be complete and ready to go when your scores come back in August.

Best of luck to you.