Spring Break is upon us!

First lab practical under my belt. Now I know what to expect from here on out (basically know everything lol).

Think I did o.k. If not it wasn’t because I didn’t know the anatomies of the species, it would be more because the specimens were so tiny that the pins obliterated what we were supposed to look at. But shwoo, I’ve learned a boat load.

Had a lecture quiz today as well which is the equivalent of exams here so I was pretty stressed out, but I’m pretty sure I aced that so yay me.

Off to do some petty research now that no one cares about but me. I’ve been waiting for some down time to study it…and now I can

I am sooo excited to have my first official quarter under my belt. I am pulling at least a 3.72 gpa. Good indication for the upcoming years. It has been 14 years since I graduated HS. Yayyaya! 1 quarter down and … how many more to go???

Can’t wait to be done myself, it’ll be awesome to concentrate on one school since we’re about to go into cardiology for the next month or so.

First thing I’m doing is diving.