Spring/Easter means PEEPS

Ya gotta love those fluffy little guys… here is a site that is world-famous but I regularly discover that not everyone knows it. If you have not witnessed the miraculous separation of conjoined Peep quintuplets, click here.
I visit this page every spring and it still makes me laugh even though I know all the lines. (note you can see many other astonishing examples of Peep research if you go back to the home page, but the surgery is definitely the funniest.)

Oh my gosh. How hilarious!!!
I LOVE PEEPS. Remember when you had to wait for Easter to get them. Now I think they make them for almost every holiday on the calender.
Ok here’s a question for you all:
How do you eat your peeps?
I prefer microwaving them. And I also eat their eyes off first.
My sister leaves them open on the counter until they get hard.

HAHAHA. I just finished looking at everything on this site. I thought my son and I were going to have duel heart attacks. It was sooooo funny.

The peep CPR was my most favorite part.

Thanks for sharing this site. In all the years I have eaten peeps, I had no idea this site existed.

See, my day is complete. Everyone should know about this site, and I am dedicated to making sure that happens.

OMG - I thought I would die laughing reading that. That is one of the funniest darn things I’ve ever seen.
Thanks for posting that - made my dreary day!!

My non-medical hubby and I just read them…laughing the entire time. He recommends pixie stix be tried for the grafting

Hi there,
I got severely ill eating PEEPS one Easter when I was a kid. Never touch the little things and get nauseated just looking at them in the grocery store. I am thinking that it might be fun to put a couple in our minor surgery room and do a couple of procedures like a trach tube or G-tube.
Did a bloodless tracheotomy and a very bloody ventral hernia repair today. Both patients in the ICU!!

Nat, I gotta agree with you, as a snack I think they’re vile. OTOH as subjects of interesting experiments, they’re first-rate!

Ha ha ha! What I loved best were the staples.
I think I’d heard of this site, but I’d never seen it before!

This site, while not as funny as Peep surgery, has more fun stuff to do with Peeps. Hint: Peeps = marshmallow; marshmallow in microwave…

Where did you find these peeps sites. Ok, this one is also funny. Some people have a lot of time on their hands. I mean anyone who takes the time to make a leader board for dualing peeps. Too funny. Thanks Mary for sharing these. I can’t look at peeps again without laughing.
I must confess… I bought peeps today. Yummy, … now into the microwave my little chickadees.

You know that Peep research site is several years old and at this point I don’t even remember who first showed it to me. But today’s site is courtesy of the Washington Post Sunday Source (tomorrow’s edition). (We get the supplement delivered on Saturday.) As soon as I saw this I knew just where I had to share it!
Hmmmmm if I feel like wasting MORE time, I wonder how many more peeps sites I can find… ???

So I answered my own question by googling Peeps, and there are a LOT of people out there with waaaaaay too much time on their hands. So here’s a few to get you started:

Bunny Survival Tests Note: these are not Peeps but in fact Peeps are their sworn enemies if you go far enough through the site. Very weird.

The “Big” List of Peeps Links OMG you are not going to believe the number of strange sites here. Some note they are not suitable for children. I haven’t checked them out yet, not sure I want to see Peeps used or posed in R-rated ways???

Peep Research: A study of small fluffy creatures and library usage No, I am not kidding. These college librarians posed Peeps all over the library as an entry in a contest celebrating the 50th anniversary of Peeps, I swear to God.

Have fun, y’all!

Ha!!! This is some good stuff! I’m a huge peep/bunny fan. I can’t resist any longer…I’m going to tear into the peeps my wife bought for the kids to have on easter!!! Woooohooooo!!! Sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Today’s Washington Post has a looooong article about Peeps, complete with a cool picture of the “Peeps fun bus.” ??? (must be seen to be believed) Here ya go. Have fun!

(edited to fix the link)

For all you PEEPS fans, the Washington Post had an article on them this past Sun. 4/4. I think it was in the Style section. They list a bunch of PEEPS websites and talk about PEEPS “jousting” a lot. I never really thought much about PEEPS. I guess it’s because I’m so addicted to chocolate (year-round and not just Easter).

OK it’s Easter so time for more Peeps. Today’s Washington Post features a “Peeps Diorama” contest. The winning entry has to be seen to be believed. It is too bad that they don’t have pix of all 350+ entries, especially the ones “in questionable taste.”

Check it out here for the very funny story of a whole lot of people with time on their hands, and do NOT miss the photo gallery which is hilarious.

Happy Easter!


PS note I resisted the temptation to see if all the previously-mentioned links still work (note this thread was started three years ago), but I did check, and the “separation of conjoined quintuplets” still works! Yay!

But wait! There’s more! Here’s a link just sent to me by a friend. It is uhhhhhhh PG-13 rated at least, if you watch it at work consider yourself warned.

Peep Show from Youtube


Funny stuff, Mary! Love the dioramas!

I can’t tell you how proud I am to see how old this thread is, and yet it goes on…

Easter is so early this year that, to be honest, I hadn’t thought about Peeps. (I don’t actually EAT them, they’re gross IMO.) But then last night my daughter-in-law sent me a link to a video made by Washington’s Metro transit system, where Peeps are used to promote using Metro to get to Washington Nationals games. It is so lame it is mildly amusing, but pretty embarrassing as a local effort so you can go find it yourself. (too embarrassing for me to want to post a link I mean)

But today’s Washington Post contains the 37 finalist and runners-up entries in their now-annual Peeps Diorama Contest.