St Chris (UK) Questions

Ugh. Just got waitlisted. So I’m looking at options. I’ll be looking at St. Chris–my questions:
1. Are there any gotchas I should be worried about (other than the normal offshore issues)?
2. It looks like fin aid is covered–perhaps at higher int rate–through the Key loans. I will investigate this, but anything in particular I should worry about?
3. Are there any other schools you’d recommend I review?
My reason for picking St. Chris above Carribean schools is that I know I could be happy working/living permanently in the UK, should my US residency not happen.
Would love comments.

I can’t answer the St. Chris questions but others on this board can.
However, I do want to say, as a waitlist veteran, you are by no means out of the running yet! LOTS of people get off waitlists. Look at our list of accepted OPMs - there are a couple people on there holding more than one acceptance and one person with a PILE of acceptances - she can only go to one school in the end, after all.
When you have recovered from the sting, sit down and write a letter stating your strong desire to attend School X. Some time early spring, send another one. Close to May 15, send yet another one. In each letter emphasize a quality of yours that makes you a good fit for School X and a quality of School X’s that makes it attractive to you.
Believe me, I KNOW you don’t feel like doing this right now. I found getting waitlisted to be a huge ego blow - of course I did not get any rejections so I don’t know how awful an ego blow that is, but I felt like it would’ve been better to be rejected outright than to be told I was “okay” but “not that desirable.” Ugh.
So go ahead and wallow in self-pity briefly, and do of course keep your options open but DO NOT think of waitlist as a kiss of death. More often, it’s a deferred acceptance.