Start at CU-Denver, Start over at CU-Boulder?

Hello Future MDs!

I would like to introduce myself while simultaneously questioning you more experienced OPM about a few things.

INTRODUCTION: I’m 1galatea and I live in Denver, CO where I work full-time at a hospital drawing blood and performing EKGS. I started taking premed classes 2 years ago, 15 years after graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Anthropology and Art History. I am 38, single, no children, and worked as a producer and editor at NBC News in NYC before I moved back to Denver for family reasons. I would like to become an ob/gyn because that specialty combines medicine and surgery, and I have great interest in both. I also have an interest in women’s health and wellness, at all life stages.

SCHOOL: I started taking classes at Univ of Colo-Denver two years ago. Things started off well; I earned an A in Biology and a B- in Inorganic Chemistry. But then “life” issues happend, starting with a new job in the hospital, its learning curve, and working overnights. Needless to say, I had some hit or misses with some classes. I would start a class, and then have to drop it. It has been frustrating for me to do this, but work has to be a priority, since I have a mortgage.

Now that I have things more sorted (I have a great schedule and I am very up-to-speed with my job), I would like to “start over” so to speak at Univ of Colo-Boulder in the Fall 2010. I have a better feeling about the class quality in Boulder, and I am now better able to focus.

Jan 2010, to keep myself in “the game”, so to speak, I am taking a Basic Anatomy and Physiology class at a local community college and College Algebra at night at CU-Boulder. Actual Bio and Chem classes at CU-Boulder will start Fall 2010.

I understand that I will need to submit my lousy (except for the A in Biology. And, the bio professor was TOUGH, but VERY good…okay, I digress) grades from CU-Denver to medical school admission boards, but, if I retake all of my premed classes at CU-Boulder (Bio, In. Chem, Org, and Physics, plus upper division classes) and do well in those classes, will this be considered positively during my application to medical school? How detrimental will it be for me to have withdrawn mid-semester or received a poor grade in one class?

The funny thing is, I am not deterred by the “road bumps” in my path. Though I once considered age as I thought about attending medical school, I do not think of it as an impediment or have any “I’m-too-old-for-this” thoughts. And while some medical school admissions committes may question my commitment or aptitude based upon my previous course work at CU-Denver, I am SO invested in becoming an MD, that I’m almost wondering why I’m asking the aforementioned question on this board. I guess I’m just looking for a little support and wisdom from those who have been where I seek to go.

I am not wedded to attending a particular medical school, therefore I reason that there are over 131 US medical schools, and ONE is bound to admit me I just want to become a very prepared physician, I’m not really worred about “where” that will be. I feel that I am now in a better position to make this happen.

Any thoughts or replies to my post are greatly appreciated. I hope you are all doing well!


“Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”- James Baldwin

You will need to explain the dropped and withdrawn classes in more detail with them (Adcom). Do good on your new classes and it will show them you are now serious. Do bad, well … you know what that would mean. It is good that you are not tied down and willing to go anywhere. Does the 131 medical schools include the DO schools? I assume it would since that is a lot of Med. schools in the US.

I am like you. I am almost done with my BS at Colorado Christian University but I still need to get all my science class in which I am doing at a community college. I used to volunteer downtown at Denver Health in the EM. I now live in Dallas taking my classes at CCU online.

Anyway, do well on your sciences and MCAT and I think you should be good to go for a DO school. A MD school will be much harder to get in. What was your post Bach. GPA?