Started Kaplan on-line last week

Back in the game since my first MCAT score was not what I was expecting.

So far Kaplan lectures are pretty standard (reminding me of class), but some of the concepts seem more in-depth than the MCAT will get. I suppose it’s good to follow them though to have a leg up.

Hi megboo, I was counseled not to retake the MCAT this past May with my 27Q (9-9-9) Aug '06, because it was statistically more likely that I would go down than go up. I retook it anyway and I did study for about 4 months for it and made a 26O, went down only in verbal, which ironically is the section I thought I did really well in. I almost feel like they did not score it correctly. It could have been more difficult for me being all electronic versus the paper version I took in August. Anyway, I came out of the test thinking I made at least a 30 so I was downcast when I received my score. I wanted to take it again because I really believe I can do better but I was counseled not to again so I guess I am just praying that somehow the adcom will see beyond this.

Anywho, my MCAT was nothing like the practice tests either, I was getting 30s on all my practice tests. I took the May 11th test and thought it was substantially more difficult.

I hope this isn’t discouraging, I hope to encourage you because I feel like we are at the same stage in this process. I would study harder on this one than the first one and don’t neglect the areas that you thought you mastered - for example, I thought I could get by in verbal without doing many practice passages because I feared physics more and really concentrated on that. I admire your drive to tackle this beast of a test - go get em!! Knock it out of the park for me too

I concur. The practice test were much easier than the real thing. Spend more time on the AMCAS tests and not Kaplan. I was getting 30s on Kaplan and much lower on AMCAS. I got a 23O on the MCAT in April and I’ve been studying nothing but AAMC tests since, and I’m averaging around a 30 now. I take the test again on Tuesday.

Also, Kaplan says don’t study the note cards till the end, but I would have scored higher had I ignored that advice.

Good luck!