Starting class next week...

Hey, all! I hope you are each having a great start to a new year. Hard to believe it’s here already. This means… gulp that my first semester of my ‘pre-med’ journey starts next week. No more waiting, no more what-ifs…

It’s go time. I’m getting my feet wet by retaking General Biology and Chem1 this semester, and it’s just hit me that I’ll be in class from 6-9pm Monday through Thursday. (After work…) Away from my husband and 3 year old daughter. Tired after a long day in corporate America. Dealing with mostly college freshman and terrible traffic.

Wow. Can anyone relate to this feeling of “What AM I DOING???” I’ve spent so much time researching and planning and waiting, and now that it’s finally here, I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Start at the beginning, and take one day at a time… I know all the cliches. But when you have a dream as big as we all do, and you actually begin to walk that dream out (even just the first baby step), it’s kind of an overwhelming feeling!

Everything about my life (and my family’s) is about to change. This dream of ours takes sacrifice on the part of so many more people than just myself. Just feeling very grateful and excited and impatient to get this show started.

I wish each of you the very best as we head into a new semester… here goes nothing, right?!?

Best of wishes to you, too!

I just started my post-bac program last semester (also took bio I and chem I, as well as physics I), so I can totally relate to how you feel. I’m betting you’ll get into the swing of things very quickly – it sounds like you’ve done your research and prepared yourself as well as possible.

I can totally relate – been there and still am in some ways. Went back to school (started at community college for the first time ever) at 28 while working a 50+ hours a week job in corporate. 33 now, senior at a state school, 3.7 GPA Still have to complete six of the core prereqs, but have taken a couple uppler level science courses and did well. Still working corporate. No kids (yet) but have supportive husband. I have thought about medicine every single day since I began this journey five years ago. You are not alone, life is short…just do it!

Are you excited? I’m a 32 year old father of a one year old girl and starting classes in a couple of weeks. Like you, I hope to start med school in the fall 2013 after 2 years of pre-reqs to fulfill. When we’re 40, we can look back on these posts and think about the amazing adventure and how fast it flew by!

Congratulations on the start of your journey! Please post updates…people like me are looking up to you for inspiration.

I’m hoping to start my pre-reqs next year, and I don’t have anywhere near the personal demands that you do. You are a brave, strong soul!

Congrats again - you’re going to do great!


It seems daunting in the beginning, but just like most things, you reach homeostasis and eventually begin to wonder what you were doing with your time before you started! I don’t have children, but being away from my husband so much was tough since we’ve always been “attached at the hip” even after 11 years. He is also pursuing his dreams (of becoming a psychotherapist) and had been taking classes at another college, so this past semester we made some adjustments and now we attend the same school. On school days, we get to drive in together and have lunch together and on weekends we sit in the same room to study. Maybe look for ways to incorporate your husband and daughter into your school experience so you don’t miss them so much

It is INCREDIBLY exciting–and surreal, all at the same time. Marianne, I love your point, though. My husband and I often ask ourselves what in the world we did with our time before we became parents. You just adjust to the circumstances at hand–what first seemed daunting is now our new ‘normal.’ Surprise, surprise, I even have free time again, and I’m a parent! LOL It’s all perspective…

My husband quit everything to pursue a lifelong dream to become a pilot about 6 years ago. He’s now a flight chief at a school and he also takes call to fly organs and blood from donor to recipient all over the U.S. He’s living his dream, and about 6 months ago he came home and basically said, “It’s your turn.” I am so grateful for the support of my family, and I know we will all adjust. As my mom always tells me… just don’t forget to breathe!

You guys all inspire me, too… I love reading the updates (for better or worse) and I’ve learned so much from each of you. So here’s to the journey, and please keep in touch!

I’m a 39 year old father of 3 (16, 12, 7) who just went back for a “wintermester”. Will be starting full time here on the 18th. I have 5 classes and 17 hours.

One of the things we incorporated was “family” study time. We set up a room with some big desks, everyone has a spot and we have a set time nightly to do our studying together.

Besides spending time together, I think this is a great teaching tool for my kids. They get to see their dad set a goal, struggle & succeed. I think this will also help develop a strong work ethic in them as well.

I look at my going back to school as a perfect teaching opportunity for my children.

I wish you the best of luck. Stay focused and do not worry about age difference. Most kids are too involved in their own lives anyway. I hope to enter med school in fall 2013.Heres the kicker…I will be 52. STAY FOCUSED.

I have incorporated a lot of “study” time with my son especially in anything Biology related, he’s 10 and his major fascination is cells. I spend a lot of time explaining things outloud to him and I have actually found that it helps me learn things more. He’s really excited now that “we” have started Human Anatomy!!

I love that you each are finding ways to share what you’re doing with your kids. Rhonda, I cracked up thinking about studying anatomy with my little one. She’s 3, and very ticklish–we always make her say the body part before we stop tickling… “What are these called?” and she’ll shriek in fits of giggles, “CLAVICLES!!!” etc. etc. Too fun!

I went to my first class last night, and my sweet toddler told everyone in line @ Subway that her mommy was at ‘nocturnal school’ and that her mommy even had her own backpack. (Ah, I celebrate her little nerdiness!) My husband said she was so proud and excited! Absolutely precious…

I think that by involving your children in your journey, you set the foundation for a beautiful legacy–teaching them how to go after their dreams, and teaching them not to give up, no matter what. So pat yourselves on the backs, parents–that’s amazing!

Hope everyone’s classes are going well! I survived day one of Biology–now on to my first Chemistry class. (That’s the one I am REALLY fearing…)