starting in the Fall

I’m writing this just to vent a little, I guess and to share the emotions of making such a big change in mid-life.

I am starting medical school in the fall and I’m terribly excited and terrified at the same time. The voices keep telling me “don’t jump, it’s safer where you are”. I’ve got a great job, amazing wife, I make good money and have an easy life, why in the hell am I driven to become a Dr? Perhaps it’s a passion but sometimes it feels like a compulsion!

When I was ‘just’ a pre-med it all seemed unreal; I could ignore the larger picture of what I was attempting to do. It’s all like packing a parachute and climbing on a plane; it’s not real until you’re standing at the door and the ground is 10,000 ft away. Now, all I have to do is jump!

Thanks for ‘listening’ I think I feel better now, perhaps I should lay off the coffee

I can’t believe it’s been 2½ weeks and still no reply from anyone?

Yeah, the moment before you make that jump is quite surreal especially if you’ve been building up to this moment for most of your adult life. I’m almost through with my 1st year and it still feels a little surreal. About 4 months from now, when you’re overwhelmed with exams, studying, clinicals, labs, classes, and more information than you think your brain can handle, you’ll probably be asking this question of yourself again and wondering what you got yourself into. Still, it’s been a tremendously rewarding experience for me that I wouldn’t trade for anything and I hope you will discover the same holds true for you.

Let us know how everything goes from time-to-time. Best of luck in the coming year, campkel.

Enjoy the journey!! Make sure to keep us posted about your experiences. Where will you be in school at?

TicDoc - Thanks for the words of advice and encouragement. I didn’t really expect a reply as I was venting in public. Most people tend to stay away from these open-ended rants .

Tec - Thanks! This journey is amazing, with twists, turns, peaks and valleys, which make it all the more exciting. I will be going to Touro in CA.