Starting over?

First of all, I have to say thank you to the owners and administrators of this website. I am very thankful to have found it.

My situation is probably not all that unique. When I was 18 I was battling some very severe anxiety and depression. Needless to say I was extremely unfocused. I ended up starting at a local community college. I finished some classes, withdrew from others, and failed even more. I hate to admit that I let my depression and anxiety get the best of me but that’s the reality. Anyway, at this point I am 31 years old. I have around 70 credit hours completed in various disciplines with a whopping 2.06 GPA. I guess I am looking for some guidance and inspriration here. I desperately want to get on track and become a doctor. As much as I have tried to kid myself over the years, it’s really all that I ever wanted to do. So my questions are…

  1. Can I do this and if so how? I assume that it will involve taking a significant number of courses over.

  2. Does anyone have any stories that they could share that will provide some inspiration? Don’t get me wrong, I know that this needs to come from within and I am not short on ambition or drive (at least not anymore). It’s just that lately I have been having a hard time not dwelling on the mistakes of my past.

    Thanks again in advance for any replies. I appreciate your time.

Edit: I found the diary forum so there is no need to respond to my second question. Thanks!


Welcome. Yes, you can do this. I must say, your history is almost a complete mirror to mine. I’m not sure what I can offer in the inspiration department though, as I’ve been flying solo in my journey toward med school. Support has been scarce, but somehow, I’ve been managing to push myself daily.

Academically I’m not the greatest, and like you, I have enough credit hours to squeeze out 15 degrees and cannot for the life of me stop thinking about how much I’ve messed up in the past. But I’m slowly starting to realize that dwelling is not conducive to my efforts.

Anyhow, to start, yes, I would say that you’d have to retake some classes, especially if they are over 10 years old. I think only retaking your pre-reqs would suffice.

Opposite the academic side, try and get involved with some volunteering, shadowing, or research… Dont spread yourself too thin though!

Dont dwell.

Hi Transplant! I think many of us can relate to your story. In my case I was 16 yrs old when I started college. I knew I wanted to be a pre-med, but was completely clueless on what I needed to do, and had zero support or guidance. Things didn’t get much better for me academically until I was in my 30’s.

I’ve tried to think of a zillion ways to get around my past. I’ve even considered trying to conceal some of my academic record. I’ve also tried to rush my way through as fast as I can; completely impatient. Finally, the sage (and very sound) advice I’ve gotten from this forum actually penetrated my thick skull. I’ve slowed down, realised how insane it would be to try to “ditch” my past, and started facing up to reality.

You wanna know what? Things are not nearly as awful as I thought they’d be. I ordered transcripts from every school I’ve attended, made a plan of attack to boost my gpa, and have begun seeking the guidance of admission counselors at the schools I intend on applying to. When all is said and done I’m estimating my cum gpa to be in the middle 3 point range; same for science. Definitely within the competitive range for DO school (which is my preference). And this is coming from a gpa of less than a 2.0. I’ll be taking the MCAT in spring of 2011 (next year! yay!) and applying that summer.

You can absolutely repair your grades and do better. Might not happen overnight, and definitely will take some work, but it’s doable for sure. Good luck to you!

Thanks to everyone for the advice so far!