State vs. Private CC vs 4 year

I’m kind of curious about some of the requirements for application. I keep seeing posts here that refer to prereqs at a CC vs prereqs at a 4-yr college.

I’ve been “advised” to do an associates degree in Chem, which includes Gen Chem I and II and Organic I at a CC then transfer to the 4yr and complete upper level chem courses to round out the bachelors in Chemistry.

The 4yr that I’m looking at right now is a private school and they accept all of the credits of the CC where I’m currently attending.

If I transfer my credits from 2 yr CC to 4 yr in order to finish out my bachelors, does the “stigma” of CC credits still apply as far as med school application comittee’s are concerned?

Also, has anyone noticed a marked difference between State schools vs. Private schools in regards to the application process?

Finally. I keep hearing the MCAT referred to as the “Great Equalizer”. If I rock the MCAT exam is it going to matter that I took Gen Chem and Org before I transferred to a 4-yr?

Also…to tag another line on this…

My med school target (UIC) says on their Admissions FAQ…

Q: Can I fulfill the pre-requisite courses at a community or junior college?

A: Yes, pre-requisite coursework may be fulfilled at a two year institution, which includes a community or junior college.

But just because it can…does that mean that it should…

And is a state med school like UIC going to accept a CC in the same state more readily?

So basically it comes out like this:

I take Gen Chem I and II and first year Organic at a CC then transfer those credits to 4 yr…

At the 4 yr I have to take:

Analytical Chem (4 hrs)

Organic II (5 hrs)

Biochem I (4 hrs)

Biochem II (3 hrs)

Physical Chem (3 hrs)

Is the fact that I took Gen Chem I and II and Org I at a CC really going to hurt me with all those higher lvl classes at a 4 yr?

It’s a lot more cost effective to take these classes at the CC, but I’m afraid I’m avoiding hoops that I need to jump through.