Statistics vs. Calculus

I am sure this question has been asked however, I’d like to drudge up a question. For the mathematically challenged yet enthusiastic pre-med such as myself. Which one is easier to manage? I will have a newborn at this time as well and maybe a pt job(maybe) so I wanted some insight to the pros and cons of each. I will also be taking physics which I believe is now calc based. Thanks for all insights and positive comments

Statistics, hand-down. You will have far less formulas to memorize than with calculus, and as far as the subject matter itself, it’s laughably easy.

Find out whether the physics is calc based before you take it. You can take trig-based physics for every medical school I know of.

thanks for responding I will count on taking statistics. I would rather work on mastering that than calc, if physics is algreba based as some are I’d have better luck getting an A or B. As far as trig based physics…I will work on it if thats the hand I’m dealt.

You will definitely need trig for physics. Motion problems are all about the trig. It’s not COMPLICATED trig, but sine, cosine, and tangent must be your very good friends.

ah, so I can maybe get away with statistics 1 &II, intro to trig and an intro to calc??? That covers all bases

I think that should do it. You probably won’t need the statistics until Med school, so you might take it during your application year.

for the non-math wiz stats is definately less challenging - it is also a whole lot more useful in the real world of medicine. However - I think many schools require some calc as a pre-req, so you may ultimately need both.

It is a help in physics sure. But I stumbled through calc with C’s and did ok in physics

the calc in an introductory physics class is not all that sophisticated usually.