Status update

So it’s been a busy few months and I haven’t been here in a while. Here’s where I am:

I’m from Texas and applied to all the TX schools plus a handful of both MD and DO around the country, and offshore schools St. Matthews (Grand Cayman) and AUC (St. Maarten).

I interviewed in Sept for AUC and have been accepted for Fall 2014 matriculation. Stateside, I interviewed in Dec for Alabama COM (waitlisted) and University of Arizona - Tucson (still waiting for interview results). Passed initial review for Michigan State, no other interviews yet. Application released from Texas A&M without interview (which is beyond heartbreaking because that’s my alma mater and I’m currently a master’s student in their COM). Really was hoping to return to Aggieland.

So… we’re beginning the process of paring down our possessions and preparing our house to be put up for sale in preparation of going… somewhere. I’m a “planner” and I hate this feeling of knowing I’m about move halfway across the country (or out of it) but not even having a clue which direction we’re going. But, such it goes…


I am so sorry that you didn’t get into you alma mater but I congratulate you on your admission to AUC! It is so funny how all of that works out. I am hoping that you will hear information soon on other schools.

Wow we could have been classmates. I also applied to AUC and 8 stateside schools. I was accepted to AUC for September and LSU New Orleans for August.

Have you been to the caribbean med student blog? Dr. Benji Ho has a lot of very good information about AUC.There are links to other students blogs and Regarding selling the house there is a blog by the Crookston’s. The mom went to AUC. They tried to sell their house but could not and ended up renting it out which was the best for them it turns out because they needed a place to live after.

Can I also ask WHERE you went to interview for AUC? I had to go to Miami.