Step 1 is done!

Score reports for June have been published and I am happy to say I never have to take Step 1 again! YAYYYYYYYY!

Way to go… where is the liquor

Excellent, Denise!

Congratulations Denise!! Now it’s on with the show. . . . and rotations, of course! Enjoy it all!!

Congratulations Denise!!!

Hooray! Congratulations!

CONGRATS! Every Step gets easier from here.

Yea Denise!!! You go!!!

gonna be a doctor!!! woo hoo!!

Denise, I had no doubt that you would pass with flying colors! Doesn’t it feel good to be done with that chapter and on to the next one? Which rotation are you on right now? Hope you are having fun with your new role!


I’m on family med and having the time of my life, Lu! How about you?


Hoping I can rejoice the same way in 2 years