Step II

Howdy y’all!
Although it seems like I just took Step I yesterday, I find myself with about a month left before I take Step II (the written test…I’m still avoiding that damn skills test). I have roughtly zero motivation to study for this thing even though the material is much more pleasant than that for Step I.
My plan is to read Boards & Wards once (twice for the medicine section) and do as many QBank questions as possible. That seems to be about all I can must the enthusiasm for. It just seems like about 1% of what I did to prepare for Step I and I’m feeling sort of guilty.
Any comforting words or advice out there?
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probably not what you need if you want a kick in the butt, but I felt that way about Step 2 also. I did probably 3 weeks of conscientious but painful studying. Then Prometric changed my exam date and I was faced with an additional three weeks I hadn’t planned on (various reasons for the long delay which I won’t go into).

Now, initially I thought, “This must be a Sign From God that I need to study a LOT more.” But however much I thought that, I simply could not do it. I think I studied for about two days in that second three-week period.

My Step I score was a pathetic 208. My Step II was a reasonably respectable ummmmmmm 224 or something like that? Hell I don’t even remember.

“Just do it,” Jeff. Later in the year when your classmates who still haven’t taken it are sweating bullets and moaning “why didn’t I take this sooner?” you can be all smug.


I asked the same type of question last week after I took Step I. I received some great feedback from Natalie. Here’s the thread link:
Step II Question link
Hope this helps. Congrats on being done with Step I!! Third year orientation starts tomorrow for us…yikes

Thanks y’all.
Mary, I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t find any motivation for this damn thing. You’re right, though. At least I’ll be done with it soon.
Tara,tThanks for the link. BTW, I’d really recommend getting Boards & Wards right now. Use it (along with other stuff, of course) as you go through your third year. It has a great way of summarizing information. I wish I’d done that.
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I read USMLE II Secrets twice (very easy read) and did the Q-bank with Kaplan and aced the boards. If you know the concepts and how they ask the questions (Kaplan) you will do wonderful. I wish I would have done that for the first one (didn’t do as well).