Steps closer to the goal!

Hi all,
Last Monday, I gave my notice at work and this Friday will be my last day at work. So scary, bc my whole life I had been gearing up to a lawyer. And now that I am, I guess I did grow somewhat attached to that identity, even though I hated it. It just feels like I’m divorcing a part of me, but I’m so excited and so hopeful. I am nervous but I also can’t wait to get into it. I have to retell my story at work about 15 times a days, bc people find it so odd to just leave such a “cushy” job to go pursue one of the longest and most stressful professional pursuits. But despite people’s surprise and shock, almost every lawyer has told me that they envy me and some have said that they admire me for having the courage to make the change. Anyhow, it’s not that important what they think of me, but are any lawyers happy? I know one lawyer who is very happy with his job, but the rest are so-so.
I picked out a place by school and filled out a lease application, but I haven’t heard back from the leasing agent yet. I’m sure I’ll get approved - good credit, good income and good rental history. But I’d like to know for sure and sign that lease, since supposedly it start May 15th! Also, I need to finalize when and how I’m going to get me, my clothes, and car there. Plus, I need to get a cheap bed, probably used, and a desk and dinette table when I get there. I’m going to the starving student approach for budgetary reasons but also to reduce the amount of possessions to move and/or sell when I move out.
Anyhow, other post-baccs and/or med students feel free to share about the laundry list that needs to be done and make me feel less anxious.
Anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you.

Best of luck!! I can certianly identify with your anxiety - last June, I quit my nice, secure teaching job of 10 years, then in August, put my house up for sale, moved (with my fiance) three hours away from my “home”, and started taking pre-med classes. Like you, people were surprised, but many said they wish they had the courage to make such a change.
Being a poor student again has taken some getting used to. (I still don’t think I’m used to it!)
Good luck with your lease!

Good luck with everything you have going on. It is rough changing major things in our lives. Just think of your life as a book. That chapter has ended and the new chapter has begun. That is exciting.
Good luck with the lease. Don’t buy a used mattress, they aren’t safe. You can get some great buys in furniture stores on mattresses that don’t match the box springs so they reduce the price.

I’ll be right there with you in a few months! I’ll move in late July or early August. Orientation is 8/11 and classes start 8/16.
Good luck! I wonder what kind of reaction I’ll get here when I turn in my notice in a few months. I think my boss is going to go . I think I will have to help him pick his jaw up off the floor. He really depends on me to do everything. I’ll probably get the same reaction from co-workers you got–mostly happy people, some naysayers, and some people will no doubt think I have just gone completely insane.

Just remember, sanity is highly overrated.

Meredith, I couldn’t agree more…with every eye-rolling, I am reminded of the courage and conviction is takes to follow this road. Stacy, I feel like we have so much common. We both grew up in Miami…we both applied and dealt with the rejection/excitements of post-bacc applications…we’re both starting our post-baccs this summer…and soon we’ll both share the Fundraising/PR Chair! Anyhow, it’s nice to know you’re not alone.