Stop being a lurker!

Stop being a lurker! That’s what I have been telling myself lately. After spending the better part of the last ten years with a group that tried to foster collaboration in the workplace, I have recently been the antithesis of collab. We used to jokingly tell some of the new people to collaboration to stop lurking and join in. I have been lurking around many different healthcare related forums over the past several months and I find this one to be the best by far! I guess I better take my own advice and stop lurking now…

Long story short. I am 40 years old and on a similar journey as most of the people on this forum. The positive energy and excitement on this forum can be quite amazing and I am more than thrilled to become a part of it. I originally thought about going into nursing but I know now that the medical model fits me much better. After just a small amount of research, I found that going the DO route would be a great match for me. Although, I still haven’t ruled out PA either. I have previous college that is mostly over 15 years old and my performance was not very good in the least bit. I’ve come to the realization that I have to start over, and I have a long way to go but that’s ok. Got a 4.0 last semester with 16 credits so I have a good start. I am also trying to be a little careful in that I get the basics down as well. As I have bills to pay like everyone else here, I am anxious to get things done but I want to do it right. I decided not to test further into Math and I am taking Intro to Algebra this semester. Also Chem 101, Developmental Psych, and Ethics. I will be certified as a CNA here soon so I hope to use that to earn a little cash and health care experience along the way. Enough said! I better get back to school work!

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you all! Take care and good luck!