Stress through the process and beyond

Hi everyone,

Not sure exactly where to post this as I’d like advice from pre-meds, med students, and docs. How do you not let the stress get to you or affect your health or life on a constant basis? Stress will get us down in any job at some times I know. I’ve read lately that stress has physiological affects on the human body that are detrimental over the long term. I’m not a constantly stressed out person but I could definitely improve a lot. Also, how do you deal with the lack of sleep? And is it constant? I worked an 18 hours shift at the group homes I work at and then had to drive an hour away to see a friend then drive home…the drive home was a nightmare since I was so incredibly tired and I wondered how would it be possible for anyone to make a medical decision when they feel this way? BUT I also realized I most likely wouldn’t be in my car and making critical decisions, I’d be moving around in the hospital and that would wake me up. I assume you make yourself make time for yourself, quality not quantity. I’d love to hear any thoughts. Meg

Ok I just set my stress in action…realized my signature still said the young age of “34”…I’m 35…crap…LOL.



I totally feel you on the stress issue! I took my first physics class today and the professor was going very fast on calculations and formulas and I felt my stress level rising. It seemed like everyone else was getting it and I was far behind. I cam e home discouraged but read a scipture about how I can do all things through Christ and my countenance was lifted. Anytime I get like this I call on my Heavenly Father and meditate on His Word whether it be in my head or with the bible in hand. I know of course I won’t have the bible to help me when I’m dealing with patients in the hospital but a quick prayer always helps. I also have been trying to take a lot of power naps when I can which leave me feeling more refreshed. Hope that helps…


I completely understand what you mean. I am muslim and we pray 5 times a day and it is something that recenters me every time. Also, even just reading my Qur’an for a few minutes can change a mood. I also think simple things like relaxation techniques that you can do even when you are at work and mindfulness techniques help a lot. Just went to Barnes and Noble and bought a new book on a doc’s time in residency…going to go glue myself to it right now…oh and how could I forget the best stress reducer and blood pressure lowering technique, my four cats! They make me laugh. As I was sitting here my two little ones blasted through her then the little guy startled the little girl and she jumped straight up in the air about 3 feet, landed and then bolted off…they are so strange…and fabulous…Meg

exercise works for me after a tough day of work and night classes. I like to run until I’m soaking wet or go to Judo class and fight until my gi is drenched. Exercise is great stress relief and it helps me sleep.

Momentum is picking up with my classes so I’m in need of a super stress reliever. Between calculus and organic II, I want to pull my hair out.

Maybe I’ll try exercising…I havent done that in a while.

I usually go with running too… really gives me a chance to get out of my head for awhile. PLus I feel re-energized afterwards (after I stop wheezing and can breathe again that is ! )

Exercise is a great stress reliever, but I find it produces the best results when I can do it pretty much everyday–yes, for at least 30 minutes.

I love running and speed walking at the track. It’s been wet where I am. In the winter its tough. I have indoor equipment but there is something about exercising outside.

Anyway, exercise it the best. When you stop, you will definitely feel the difference and will miss it.